Koh Phangan Baby Day 10 - 11

40 minutes on an island taxi and we arrived at our beautiful hotel. It was a bit of a trek to make it up to our rooms, but the view we had was gold.

We chilled out for our first day, unpacking and hanging by the pool. Later that night after an Italian dinner the entire group came together to play some fun drinking games and one deadly game of Sociables a.k.a Ring of Fire. It was a total laugh and we even continued the party down on the beach, finishing the night off with a midnight birthday celebration for our friend Jess! 

The next day we visited Phangan Wipeout challenge where we were catapulted into the air off the blob and owned by the big red balls after many tiring attempts. Shout out to Eric for being the 207th person to make it across the balls, you’re a champ! 

Following a reunion with the rest of our LBW family and a birthday cheer for our tour guide Kari we visited the Haad Rin night markets to shop for a tie-dye themed full moon outfit. The day was a success as we finished off with a night of Muay Thai fights and a jungle party for the few survivors of the night. 

Next on the agenda: FULL MOON PARTY!!!!


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