Kickin' it Koh Tao style

 As the ferry pulled up to the dock we stared in awe at the crystal blue waters and the palm trees that covered the island. Everybody breathed a sigh of relief, instantly noticing how peaceful and calm it is here in comparison to bustling Bangkok.  

We made our way to the hotel on the back of a truck, also known as an island taxi, and settled into our rooms. At lunch time the scuba divers of the group met up in the hotel lobby and walked next door to the scuba school for some classes in scuba theory. After class we went our separate ways to explore what the island had to offer. I found a good vendor along the beach walkway that sold the best spring rolls you will ever taste in your life, with a crunchy outside, soft and delicious center, and an amazing homemade chilli dipping sauce to match. 

Later that evening we had a big group dinner at a barbecue restaurant and then some of us headed out to LBWs favourite island club ‘The Rock’ while others headed home for a early night in. 

For breakfast I enjoyed a fresh mango juice and an omelette while meditation music played in the background, creating a calm setting for a morning next to the ocean. After breakfast we headed to scuba school and did a run through of all of the equipment. Suited up in our gear with heavy tanks strapped to our backs we hobbled down to the hotel pool for an afternoon session discovering scuba diving. The feeling of breathing underwater felt strange, but after three hours underwater our group took to the sport like it was second nature. 

The next day our small scuba group went for a dive in the ocean. Unfortunately, due to a cold and congestion problems I was at risk of barotrauma, so I tanned on the ship instead, making the most of the beautiful place I was in. Tenae, a fellow scuba buddy, described her experience to me. The diving felt unreal and the fish were apparently very clingy, with one of them even giving her a little nip on the leg! 

To finish the day, our group enjoyed dinner at a beachside restaurant where we socialised with the Island teaser tour group, the newest additions to our LBW family, and chatted about our different experiences on the island like crazy cliff jumping, chill beach days, “beerlympics” and breath-taking viewpoint hikes.


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