July 11-15 in Vietnam

From Ha Long bay we travel to Phong Nha, a UNESCO world heritage sight and where some of the group explore the dark cave, waist deep in mud, while others zip line above the water. We visit paradise cave which served as a natural store and refuge for the Vietnamese during the war. 

To Hoi An! We are introduced to the vibrancy of the town. Tailor made clothes are on offer and some can't resist a custom fit suit or dress. We have a birthday in the group! After being presented with a beautiful cake in a local restaurant we adventure into the nightlife of the town. 

The following day is the first chance to sleep in! While some enjoy a authentic Vietnamese cooking class, others who are more severely hungover, disperse into the town and mooch around the lantern decked markets where clothes and ornaments are on sale. Many indulge in a massage at the spa to revive them before another night out in the town where we go from bad to bar on the back of the roaring motorbikes. 

Our third day in Hoi An includes a twenty minute bike ride to the picturesque beach. This lazy day towards the middle of the tour consists of mixing drinks on the shore and jumping waves in the sea. The afternoon is spent dozing on loungers and and concludes with a bike ride home as dusk falls, thunder bellows and lightning flashes. 

Our final day is spent buying souvenirs and drinking coffee along the river before checking out and heading for Nha Trang!


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