Island Paradise & their mishaps

Koh Tao is a little heavenly oasis with healthy balance of beach parties, cheap and delicious food with places to chill out when called upon.

Our hotel couldn’t have been located better sitting a stones throw from the beach and walking distance to all the main bars restaurants. Gone was the hustle bustle of Bangkok but rather a laid back vibe during the day and even while the beach party fire shows can get a little wild they’re pretty chill compared to where we are now… Koh Phangan. The party got started the minute we got on the ferry at 9am and kept going for 18 hours. Throw in a million dollar yacht, pool parties and a moon that was getting close to full party life had officially arrived and not without its consequences. Dozens of minor injuries within the group from cuts to burns and losing possessions left right and centre generally caused by inebriation.

Last night we went along to a night of Muay Thai fights. Wow! The energy in the arena was only intensified with every side bet we had on the winner of each bout. Every fight got better and better all the way until the main event, a surprising one sided affair until out of nowhere BOOM! The last punch of the night landed for the knockout. Everyone jumps up to their feet and the places goes nuts whilst I dutifully collect my winnings. Tonight is the big one, the party of parties and the island is getting busier and busier with streets full of tourists purchasing neon coloured clothes and buckets already in hand. I’ve never been so curiously excited about any party in my life and it’s just hours away. Live by the sea, love by the moon.



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