Ilha Grande Paradise

Imagine a place in the middle of the ocean, where cars don’t exist, and the only way to commute is by foot or by boat; where palm trees grow sideways out of the ocean banks; where the water is so blue and unbelievably clear; where the beaches are all incredibly amazing; where everywhere you look the jungle and all its beautiful sounds surround you; this my friends is paradise and they call it Ilha Grande. Our stay in Ilha Grande was such a special experience.

The hostel we stayed in consisted of little huts located in the jungle. The first day we got here was just sort of a chill day to get ourselves familiar with the island. The second day we embarked on a 3 hour jungle hike to one of Ilha Grande’s amazing beaches, Lopes Mendes. We then spent the day on the beach soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, drinking beer, and playing Frisbee. The third day was definitely the most fun! We took a 7 hour speed boat tour around the island. The music was blasting, the shots were pouring, nothing but good times were to be had. We were blessed with a beautiful day and a calm ocean. Every stop we made was amazing in its own unique way. There was everything from cliff jumping, to snorkeling, to dance parties on the boat, to fresh water swims, to breathtaking views, to unreal food at our last stop.


After a day like that, a day of rest was well needed… With a little mix of adventure of course. We had the option to go paddle boarding or kayaking in the ocean. We swam in the ocean in the pouring rain. Then once the rain cleared up, we walked to this old abandoned prison and spent the rest of the day chilling on the beach there. All in all Ilha Grande is definitely a place that everyone should experience. It has such a chill vibe and it’s so different from anyplace else I’ve ever been.


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