Ilha Grande - Epitome of Paradise

It was a bumpy boat ride to get to Ilha Grande, but after a few glasses of wine our nerves were calmed. This island was the epitome of paradise.

It had such a relaxed and chill vibe. I think we all instantly fell in love with it. The island has everything: Amazing food, awesome hiking trails, beautiful beaches and about a million adorable local dogs. Our time spent here was the perfect balance of chill days lounging on the beach and crazy nights partying till the early morning.

We worked off all the Nutella crepes, kabobs and booze on a 2.5 hour hike to Lopes Mendes. The beach at the end of the hike made it so worth it! We had a couple free days here, so people could choose whatever they felt like doing that day, which usually consisted of drinking beer on the beach or paddle boarding, kayaking or just exploring the island. During one free day, a few of us trekked up to check out a “haunted” prison and then swam in a natural spring, which was super refreshing on our sun burnt skin. The whole “Iced” game continued on the island and almost all of us ended up being victims. There were some hilarious attempts and some pretty creative successes along the way, but my favourite was probably when we placed the bottle of Smirnoff Ice in the middle of a busy street, hoping that one of our group would stumble on it and have to chug it. Sadly, every single other person on the street spotted it, except her…haha. The parties were pretty sweet here and we learned some new hilarious pre-drinking games to kick start our nights, which were way more challenging than they probably should have been. Right next door to our hostel there were some awesome parties that were thrown, which was super convenient to stumble back to at the end of the night. The last day in Ilha Grande was probably one of my favourite so far. Some of us spent the entire day partying on a speedboat that toured us around the whole island. We made pit stops to go cliff jumping, lounge on the beach and snorkel. Obviously, it turned into a giant dance party and we couldn’t have asked for a better day to spend on the water. Overall, Ilha Grande had such an awesome atmosphere that made it hard to leave, but I will definitely be coming back someday.


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