Huacachina, the Desert Oasis of Peru!

Hola Chickas y Chickos,

Our final destination was Huacachina, the Desert Oasis! This is a tiny tourist place just outside the city of Ica and wow, is it awesome! It is a tiny lake surrounded by massive sand dunes; so, of course Sand boarding and Dune Buggying was an absolute must.

First day, after chilling by the pool, the Buggies took us for a wild ride through the dunes and then dropped us off at the top so we could sand board down. The first couple hills were gentle and small, so many of us stood on the board and made our way down. After this, the buggy grabbed us and took us to a much higher dune. This is where the extreme part begins. The guide informed us that it would be much safer to lay down on our boards so this is what we did. The speed that you can get going down these dunes is astounding! The final dune we went down was extremely big and amazingly steep. A few of us came away from the experience with some new war wounds but a great time was had by all. 

The next two days were mainly used up by the sun, the pool, the awesome food, and more than a couple drinks. This was a great way to relax and wind down from the whirlwind of activities we had been on.

The only thing left is a crazy night in Lima before we all head home! This trip has been a blast and we hope you enjoyed sharing it with us.


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