Hola Amigos from Peru!

Hola Amigos,

Our names are Curtis and Sheryl and we are a brother and sister duo from Saskatchewan, Canada. This is our first LBW trip. We decided to come to Peru mainly to see Machu Picchu.

We chose this time because Sheryl had just finished school and decided she needed a grad present to herself and I decided to go along for the ride. But enough about us, let's get to the real reason you are all here. To hear about how amazing LBW and Peru are.

Our first stop, after meeting the group in Lima, is Iquitos and the Amazon rainforest. So the only way to travel to Iquitos is boat our plane. We chose the air. After arriving we got in a boat and began our jungle experience. Nothing like boating to a remote jungle lodge in 32°C and 95% humidity. Needless to say we sweat... A lot. After dropping our stuff in our jungle bungalows we took off for Monkey Island. Yes, it's what you think it is, a sanctuary for rescued monkeys and other animals. The monkeys were extremely playful, often jumping out of the trees directly onto their new friends AKA us. We also made a cute new friend named Ramone. He was a three-toed sloth who loved to cuddle. Love at first sight for everyone in the group. There was also an Anaconda and a tarantula but Sheryl was having none of that nonsense. Definitely a highpoint of snuggles and the Amazon. From here we went for a swim in the Amazon river and a mud fight ensued. 

The next morning was a jungle trek. Everyone was sweating like a dog until the rain, for which the forest gets its name, came along with a nice present for us. Soaking wet but finally cool we made our way back to camp. The afternoon was filled with piranha fishing. Luckily we caught many fish because this was our dinner for the evening! 

The next day we took a boat back to Iquitos. We tried to stop at a remote jungle village but a fallen tree blocked the river in. The Amazon has its own and we were forced to follow them. In Iquitos we grabbed some dinner and tried to catch up on some sleep before our early morning flight to Lima.

Ciao Amigos. We will report again from Arequipa.


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