Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Catapulted into Ho Chi Minh City in the early hours, we are introduced to it at twilight, though still bustling. On first sight, HCMC looks more western than Hanoi and is slightly more bearable temperature. We sleep and regroup early in order to fit in the activities jam packed for tomorrow.

In the morning we visit the war museum which was incredible. Containing exhibits from Vietnam's struggle for independence and the American war, (as the Vietnamese call it) the photography atrocious accounts of both American soldiers and Viet Cong and deformed agent-orange poisoned babies in jars were tragically thought provoking. 

We have lunch and head for the Cu Chi tunnels just outside of the former Saigon. We see a model of the labyrinth of the tunnels and get a chance to walk through them and feeling the damp walls and low lighting. The experience giving us just a fleeting glimpse of how oppressive the tunnels must have been to live in for weeks at a time in the war.


After the tunnels, some of the group enjoy the shooting range where there is a variety of guns such as AK47s and M60s. 

We return to HCMC and toast to new friendships over a delicious last supper. With bellies full of wine and the best Mediterranean food in Vietnam we visit a few Saigon bars to mark the end of the tour.

The morning brings emotional farewells as people depart tomorrow for home or another adventure!


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