Hello from Croatia

Bok! Which is hello in Croatian. It's only been a day and this trip has already been so much fun. I've already met some really interesting people in the airport, on the street and of course the LBWers.

I did the airport pickup add on and a girl named Jenny was at the exit waiting with a sign. It was nice that I did not have to worry about getting a taxi and finding where I was going to stay for Ultra. As we were driving into the city, you see a place that resembles a perfectly proportioned and arranged grey Lego set.


Short buildings with that red clay roofing all huddled together with mountains perfectly surrounding us making a perimeter around the pristine deep blue water. A picturesque place. We also saw what had to be at least a 100 year old "tractor" trudging away in all its rusty glory with a cart in tow. I need peace and quiet sometimes, so I opted to stay in an upgraded apartment with my own room which I wasn't expecting. The hostel is one of the nicest I've seen though, and it is completed with a dj! Looks more like a cute boutique hotel you'd see in Brooklyn NY. Both clean, modern and comfortable. Wifi works well in both and I'm amazed by the sheer number of locals who speak English. A young woman in a little liquor/convenience store down the street, let us know that the laws in Croatia change often about having a drink out in public so it would be best not to. 

Along the residential streets, locals seem to really make the most out of their property and stay in touch with nature. Little veggie gardens line the sides of some homes, some only made up of large clay pots. The people of Split are quite stoic and regal in a way but nonetheless, have been nothing but gracious to help if they can and are tolerant of the antics my roommates and I have pulled so far! I'm roomed with 3 guys who have been incredibly kind and helpful thus far to the only girl in the place, me :) My name is Kat, I am a 24 year old American from Boston. There is a Brit named Zach 19, two Canadians Cody 27, Jeff 29.


We spend the first few hours I was here drinking, laughing, listening to music, exchanging stories, singing silly songs and just getting to know each other. Then we headed out around 10pm to go to a bar called inbox to meet up with the rest of the group. The landlord was nice enough to drive us to the marina where it was. None of us knew exactly where on the street so I asked people along the way who pointed us in the direction before we had someone point us to some purple lights. Along the way we saw a lot of locals eating dinner. The Marina is beautiful. We didn't see anyone or really knew anyone yet and asked around, eventually finding 2 guys who had been separated but we all went across the street to another bar where everyone was and danced the night away! Drinks were pretty cheap and a taxi from the Marina back the apartment was about 160kn and he even stopped along the way so we could get pizza and water :) Day one completed successfully with lots of smiles and laughs. I can't wait for what's to come!


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