The past 2 weeks have been a complete change of pace. I basically left my life in Miami to shed layers of stress and misconception of my life.  The intense bartending job that I somehow levelled out with my zen yoga teaching job has somehow come to an ease. And while I've come to realize that the deeper I dive into the unknown, the more comfortable I feel. I'm tapping into this alternate reality that feels so different and so safe at the same time, so here's my journey. Follow me and enjoy. 

The day finally came, Me and my bestie had been traveling Bangkok and Bali together for 2 weeks but this morning was her last morning with me as she would be embarking on her journey back to the states. She woke up at the crack of dawn, quickly packed her small suitcase and quietly woke me up before she headed out of the hotel, I couldn't believe these 2 weeks flew by! In an instant we would part ways again and possibly not see each other until our next journey happens.  

The flight to Krabi from Bangkok was short and sweet, especially compared to the rest of the flights I've endured in the past 2 weeks. 1 hour is a coffee break and the perfect amout of time to clear my mind before the next stop. I blogged a little on the plane, enjoyed some complimentary coffee and chatted with the woman sitting next to me who was on her own journey after a painful divorce. We exchanged info and hopefully she will help me with marketing my e-book in the near future. 

I Landed in Krabi and quickly found my bags. This airport is tiny! I was in love with that because it was super easy and simple to get out of there. I was so grateful to be Flying domestic and not international. 

I was picked up by Kung and his wife and they gave me a personal ride back to the homestay. But before we headed all the way there they brought me to 7-11 to stock up on some vegan snacks. I got all my vegan milks for coffee and all my favourite Thai vegan snacks. Once we started driving to Krabi, I instantly knew I liked this place way more than Bangkok. I was about to be in a more private place, away from it all, not the city cluster I had been in. I couldn't wait to see the KrabiLife homestay so all the photos and descriptions could come to life. 

When I arrived I was welcomed by Kung's family all sitting in the main area enjoying food and drinks. He showed me to my mini apartment which is outside. These super cute orange circular tiny homes all in a row. Each bunker has double doors opening into a spacious and cool room. Two beds and a window, ac and a nice little bathroom. Just enough space and I already started to feel at home. I unpacked my things and hung my stinky and dirty clothes so they could air out. I gathered myself together and headed out to the main common area where the bar was.  

I was welcomed by two other girls, one who is a travel tour guide with LBW and the other who is working with lbw taking photos and videos for the yoga tour.   

Then I met Rong. Rong is the owner of the Krabi home life stay. He welcomed me with smiles and a completely open vibe.  We started chatting in his little shack bar.  There was reggae music playing and I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort here.

Rong is a Rasta who created this amazing homestay a few years ago. Dreads down to his low back, and an aura that can make anyone feel at home. He said "there are no rules, this is my home, make yourself at home, anything you need, let me know".  From this moment, I knew I didn't just sign up for any generic yoga retreat , this is much more.   

The music had kept on going from the time I've arrived all through night, the widest variety of music. 

I sat down and instantly felt this easy conversation forming with Rong. His sense of humour matched with my east coast vibe and we were joking and laughing about the most random things. I guess when your job is all about meeting people and housing random yogis you would be a fully open human and easy to talk to.   

Rong explained to me that if there was anything I needed to please ask him, that I was safe and that this whole homestay is run by him and his family.   

Coffee, tea, fruit and toast are always available for free, and there is a bar at your convenience all day and night.    As I'm writing this I am sipping on Rong's jungle juice and it's amazing.   I feel like I'm safe and a part of the family who is all staying here. Even though a majority of us are complete strangers, there is a sense of familiarity that strikes me.   

Right here right now everything has lead me to this moment.    And every conversation and connection feels unforced. It feel natural and meant to be. Every situation and scenario is here for a reason and I am here. Now. Welcome to the unknown. 

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