Elephant Sanctuary & War Cemetery

Hey guys and gals! Today's blog brings you to the cozy town of Kanchanburi! Located just north of Bangkok, this little place gave us a concentrated look into the history of Thailand's part in the Second World War!

I really enjoyed it here and have a ton of fun things to tell you all! To arrive here we had taken a really cool overnight train and a short bus ride into the town. 

Upon arriving we settled in to our rooms with our usual boys squad. We also caught up on some sleep cause we knew we were in for a big night, & I mean big. It was Kayla's 24th birthday, so as the night started, it only got better. Everyone dressed up really nice, as you do for a good dinner! We headed out to a restaurant called "Meat and Cheese" where they had steak, pastas, and giant mojitos; they weren't lying, these were PITCHERS! After eating we had all participated in some much needed karaoke. It might have just been the alcohol, but we had some talent up there. Everything from Carrie Underwood and Britney Spears to rapping "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem. Me, Joel, and our tour guide Sam even hopped up to serenade the girls with the songs "Wonderwall" and "I'm Yours." Continuing on with the night, we went to the "Sugar Bar" and danced until the place closed down. Overall it was a killer night! 

The following day, little did we know, we were all in for one of the best days of our trip so far. We were headed to the Elephant Sanctuary for rescued elephants! Excited and looming with curiosity we were thrilled to finally be with these tremendous gentle giants. The facility gave us the opportunity to pet, feed, and even bathe with the elephants. It was such an incredible experience to be with an animal so large and powerful, yet with a soul gentler than us humans. What made it all the better was that none of them were chained up or encaged, giving us a true ethical elephant experience. We would walk along side the herd of these towering souls and feel as safe as ever! If you were to ever visit Kanchanburi this is a must do! Definitely a top 3 of my time on this LBW tour!! 

The following day, cruising around on our bikes we rented, we toured the city and explored what else the town had to offer us. We stumbled upon a gorgeous cemetery in remembrance of all the fallen vets from the Second World War. As we wandered, reading the gravestones of the serving men, it reminded us to be thankful of our opportunities and freedoms we are today blessed to have. Later that night the entire group was headed to the night market, in search of a costume. Yes, you heard it right, costumes. Tonight LBW was headed out to the bar dressed as whatever we could come up with. What made it all the better was that we were the only ones out there dressed up. This was arguably one of our better nights out, as almost everyone participated and had a wild night. Too many shots and drinks to recall it all, but boy was this one of our wilder nights. 

Overall Kanchanburi was a really fun little city. The vibes of warmth and hospitality gave a really awesome feeling to this little place. I would definitely recommend visiting here for a few nights. Highlight of this location was definetly the visit to he Elephant sanctuary!! Second to that would have been the war cemetery. It reminded us all of the appreciation for our freedom and what our soldiers fight for.

We are now headed to the Singburi homestay! Essentially in the middle of nowhere, we will be teaching and helping young school children learn the English language. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my adventures of Sungburi. 


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