Night & Day Diving

Hey everyone! 

Writing to you today from the crystalline shores of the Koh Phi Phi islands!

We had taken a fairy from port to port, this time around was thankfully significantly more comfortable! Upon arriving, the shores were unbelievably clear, surprising because usually the harbours are really dirty! We wandered through all the twists and turns of the Phi Phi streets. Comparable to the streets of New York, they are kinda like a grid pattern. Our first day was spent settling in and wandering down to the beach of course for our mid day siestas. 

Me and 2 other friends decided to enrol ourselves in our "Advanced SSI diving certification". Me and my roomie Joel had developed a passion for diving in Koh Tao, so we decided to pursue a bit more in the beautiful marine parks of the Phi Phi islands. By the next morning we were headed out bright and early for our first 2 out of 5 dives. We had the opportunity to view the most colourful and vibrant corals filled with an extravagant marine life. Everywhere you looked there was a new sort of species or mass of coral to see. Despite our early morning wake up, there was no way we were slowing down. Heading out on our booze cruise, the LBW group had a set goal; finish every last drop of alcohol on the boat. I don't think anyone is too sure if we actually did or not, however it was a really good time. We had made stops in Monkey Bay, Maya Bay, and a few other places to take in the scenery and explore a bit more. After a busy day, me and a few other guys hit up the Stolkholm Bar for a few rounds of beer pong before slowly stumbling home. 

The following morning we were rocking and rollin, bright and early. Eager for another 2 early morning dives, we were headed out to explore what awaited us beneath the surface. Our first dive was a "deep dive" down to a staggering 27 meters! We had explored the shipwreck of a sunken Thai navy vessel. We even got the opportunity to swim inside it to check things out. Kind of an eerie feeling to it all, but such a cool experience! Afterwards we headed to another shallower part of the marine park. Here we were able to swim through a few cool caves and even saw a few sharks! After a quick mid day nap I headed to the Harmony house restaurant. I highly recommend this place, cheapest prices on the island and very good food! There's an elder lady named Oi, that would always come sit with me and talk for a while; also making sure I had cleaned the cuts on my foot. 

This same evening we concluded our dive certification with our final and my favourite dive, the night dive! It was such a different and quite amazing experience in comparison to the day dives. It was a pretty different feeling from the moment we stepped off the boat. Declining into the dark area of unfamiliarity was enough of a rush of its own. When you add the fact that it was pitch dark all around us and anything could be lurking about, it was a pretty good adrenaline rush! We were super fortunate to have been able to view a feeding frenzy of a few different night predators; let me tell you that was quite the experience itself. Over the course of our dive I kept finding myself looking over my shoulder, only to swoosh my hand. This would bring the luminescent phytoplankton into an amazingly clear view! Among wondering what wandered in the abyss of darkness, I was also curious as to what lied among the corals that we swam along. We were fortunate enough to have a moray eel leave its cave and feed on its prey right in from of our faces. I never knew that such a marine animal could ever be so large, and such a profound night predator. It was an overall amazing experience to see the variance of day to night marine activity. Another really cool experience was upon rising to the surface. What amazed me was the clarity of the night stars that lit up the night sky, as well as being able to see the luminescent phytoplankton at the same time. This was truly a moment I will forever remember. The boat ride back was filled with joy upon what we were able to witness in our time below the very deep, dark sea. Admiring the Koh Phi Phi city lights and the vast darkness on the outer edges was really amazing! 

Our final day was spent in full relaxation mode. Most people slept till at least 1pm or watched movies for most of the day. Being an early bird I was out bright and early, shopping for good deals among the many vendors that lined the Koh Phi Phi streets. A few of us hiked up to the famous Koh Phi Phi view point for the sunset; what a worthwhile experience! From this lookout we had a view of the entire town and the beautiful shades of green and blue colours that surrounded it. Although it was packed with many people we were still able to view the beautiful sunset that lined the small town and its horizon. If in phi phi I would definitely recommend the hike as its only 15 minutes up! 

Our final night was spent at the Stockholm Bar, playing beer pong. We once again went on a slick 5 game win streak before we got too hot. We also visited the popular "Reggae Bar" where they have contestants enter to fight in the art of Muay Thai. Winner would receive a free bucket of alcohol and a prize medal. I did so well in Railay, I figured I'd give it another go! Upon entering, I won't lie I was a tad worried. My opponent being slightly taller and having about 30 pounds on me was a bit scary. Despite it all I was victorious when he quit in the second round! Buckets in hand and with my souvenir medal we headed out back to the bar to dance until it shut down. 

Koh Phi Phi will forever probably rank among the top, on the list of my favourite vacation destinations. It was filled with many day and night activities; both being equally amazing. May I also mention the many beautiful foreign girls that filled the streets while vacationing here. If you decide to visit I would highly recommend heading down to the beach bars at night! It almost reminded me of a mini full moon party. I would also recommend a boat trip to Maya Bay to see it's indescribable scenic views. We are now headed off for a quick 2 nights in the busy city of Phuket. As always, thank you for taking interest in the recounts of my journey and speak to you all soon!


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