Detoxing while traveling: 5 foods to go with YogaLife

Detoxing while traveling: 5 foods to go with YogaLife

So you’ve opted for the YogaLife – LBW’s two-week blowout of flexing and free living in the Land of Smiles - and are wondering what foods you can gobble down to supplement the healthy lifestyle? You’ve come to the right place! Check out this selection of five vitamin-packed, mineral-rich health staples that should help send the detox into overdrive and get the yoga up to Krishnamacharya’s standards (maybe).



Green as the jungles of Krabi, this super food staple is a regular morning and afternoon treat for the health-conscious yoga-loving traveler. Served up in hippie bars, bamboo shacks and ashrams from the Andaman coast in the south to the quirky hill town of Pai in the north, many think this concoction comes up trumps in terms of nutrient and vitamin content when compared against other vegetables. Others champion its huge punch of antioxidants and chlorophyll levels, which they say boost circulation and red blood cell count. It doesn’t taste half as bad as it looks either!

Carica Papaya

Believe it or not, the great big green bulbs of the papaya tree aren’t native to Thailand at all. They were brought to the shores of the Land of Smiles more than two centuries ago by some unknown explorer. And boy are we glad they were (and so are the Thai’s judging by the amount they devour!). These fleshy pods of fruit boast an enticing sweetness and bulk, not to mention oodles of vitamin C, folates and fibre - perfect for soothing those bucket-induced hangovers!

Goji berries

Also known as the wolfberry, these dried pods of blood-red fruit are hailed as one of the prime alternative sources of protein for vegetarian and vegan eaters (and there sure are a lot of veggies and vegans choosing the YogaLife these days!). But it’s not only the power to bulk up and those elusive vegan gains that these protein-packed treats offer. They are high in vitamin A too, while some studies have shown them to have anti-inflammatory powers, and the ancient Chinese believed they countered the ageing process. Never has the super food tag been quite so apt!



A fine balance of acidity and sweetness, a lychee is one of the best-loved fruits of all Southeast Asia. They tower in stacks throughout the markets of Thailand, sold to locals by the bagful, who wander around town peeling off the curiously hairy outer layers and devouring the fleshy interior. The benefits? Oodles! A hefty dose of polyphenols (more than apples), vitamin C (a daily allowance per nine lychees or so!) and virtually no fat content to speak of! Get peeling.

Green tea

Green tea has been one of the most championed super foods in Asia for countless centuries. Made popular by the Chinese, it’s hailed for its ability to reduce stress and its high content of much-needed polyphenols, otherwise known as antioxidants. Then there’s the well-known effects of the caffeine contained in these little leaves of jungle green; the perfect primer for days spend rising early and meditating late, pulling downward dogs on the Krabi cliffs, or exploring waterfalls on the Andaman Islands!


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