Day Two In Brazil

The brave ones of the group set off on an adventure of a life-time today. Hang gliding! Only a few us told ourselves to ignore the fear, and just do it! I mean, you can’t go to Brazil without ticking this off your bucket list!

We set off in taxis to the location and I think the anxiety just continued to build and build as we arrived at the mountain where we would soon jump off a mountain at 500 meters. I was hesitant to look at just how high we were but I just continued to say, “this opportunity doesn’t come around for everyone!” So I went with it, got strapped up and ran through the jump-off drills.

Shortly, my pilot and I were preparing for our departure. I could feel my heart beat racing at a million miles per hour, my body shaking with fear, but the moment we ran off the cliff and glided through the air my fears and worries left in an instant. The view was unbelievable and it was so calm, I felt safe, it was unreal. You see so much beauty over Rio. My pilot decided to take advantage of the winds, and we flew a further 300 meters above the jump off point, being over 800m high flying over one of the most beautiful cities in the world, literally up in the clouds. People looked like ants, even hotel buildings seemed so miniature. I highly recommend this additional activity to everyone! I’m glad I let my heart play a role in this as my mind was definitely not agreeing with the idea.


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