Day 5 & 6 - Nicaragua

After ending San Juan del Sur on a good note, we trekked over to Granada, a bustling city of culture and Nica life. The historic churches and cathedrals surrounded by shops and restaurants were an exquisite sight. A trip up to the church bell towers gave a view of the entire city of clay rooftops.


A quick meal and a much needed siesta prepared us for hiking up Volcano Masaya, which is actually two volcanos according to geological experts, one of which is still active. Billows of sulfur and smoke can be seen pouring out of the canyon of one, while vegetation had clearly found a home after several hundred years of inactivity and ecological progression. Our guide took us through underground tunnels carved out by flowing magma with only the light from our flash lights to guide us. Early Nicaraguans used these tunnels as a safe haven during war-time. Legend also has it that the face of “The Witch Lady” is on the ceiling at the end of the tunnel where she was asked what the locals should do in times of grave decisions for the masses. Turns out, every decision followed was the best course of action for the people and saved countless lives.

Today was our last day in Nicaragua, and what better way to spend it than kayaking on a volcanic lake. Laguna de Apoyo was home for travelers seeking a chill scene to release and relax. The water was stunningly perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better end to an amazing country.

Tonight we are mustering our energy back up to pick up our next group of travelers and heading to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Pura Vida!


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