Day 5 & 6 - Coasting Through Costa Rica

Day 5 was supposed to be a surf day; however, the weather conditions kept us from doing any actual surf.

A few of us braved the rough current to make it past the wave break, but the unpredictability of turbulent waves along with a mean rip tide made it too risky for so many new surfers to attempt any surfing. But not to worry! A day at the beach still meant plenty of beach time activity and fun for everyone. There is more than one way to use a surfboard…

The botched surf day was immediately made up for by shuttling up to a hotel infinity pool that had the most gorgeous sunset over the Pacific. The orange and pink glow of the sun kissed the water’s edge of the horizon in a way that made you want to freeze time forever. Without hesitation, the pool filled with LBW’ers, cervezas, and piña coladas for yet another magical night.

The last day of Coasting Costa was supposed to be a free day, but the entire group decided that there was no use in wasting away a perfect day to go riding ATV’s through the country side. Since Miguel actually grew up in Santa Teresa, he brought us to a number of fantastic spots including a cave where his friends went to hang out and Isla Cabuya, a cemetery island where the deceased are carried across knee-deep water to be buried. Our last stop was at Monetzuma Waterfall to relax and swim through the refreshingly cool water. As casual as our day was, a few rocks tumbled down the cliff side onto a few of us that were wading near the water’s edge and left a few cuts and bruises, some big enough that needed just a few stitches. Emma and Miguel easily helped one of our fellow travellers get the medical attention she needed to have her rejoin the group in no time and finish the day quading into the sunset. Nothing could ever stop us from having an amazing time.


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