Day 3 & 4 - Nicaragua

The day after Sunday Funday we went out to Playa Maderas for some surf lessons with our instructor, Manuel, who spoke an entertaining amount of broken English.

A few quick instructions had most of us hanging ten in no time, some of which were able to catch their first waves ever! If were weren’t surfing, we were certainly consuming all the cocktails and beer the beach front bar could provide. We carried the energy from the day back to San Juan del Sur to take the night on the town. By now, the local tiki bar and clubs knew us by first name and welcomed us with open arms and plenty of shots. I am a firm believer that dollar tequila shots are Nicaragua’s next official drink of the country.

The next day we kept our flip flops and bathing suits to spend the day on a private chartered Catamaran led by Captain Kenny, a west coast American that makes a living sailing for groups in Nicaragua. We had the pleasure of meeting a few more lovely travelers from Canada, Switzerland, America, and South Africa. The ride on the sea was a bit rough (especially after the night before), but it was pure bliss once we dropped anchor. Boat staff served a flowing river of Mai Tai’s, margaritas, and cervezas while we soaked in the sun and swam on a private beach. It was like Castaway meets Van Wilder.

Dinner that night took us for a delectable experience in Indian cuisine (yes, in Nicaragua. Mind you, the first bar we visited was a Canadian bar) to a place called King Curry. Local street vendors were serving late night meals to the night owls, so we got our own appetizers of savory grilled chicken while being social with the neighborhood families. Some of their income relied on our tourism, and we were very much obliged to be a part of that exchange.


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