Day 3 & 4 - Coasting Through Costa Rica

Today was the first day Miguel would take us out to get some real surfing in. We had to wait until mid-afternoon when the tide was just right, so we spent midday passing the time by the pool removing unwanted tan lines while enjoying a few drinks and each other’s company.

Time swiftly moved on and we made it out to the beach, the water temperature was perfect and the waves were rolling easy enough for beginner and veteran surfers in the group. Miguel was very thorough in his instruction for new surfers. Smiles were seen from ear to ear as we casually surfed through the white water as if we had been surfing all our lives. We stayed out on the beach until it was nearly sunset hanging ten and absorbing all of the shore’s natural beauty. In hindsight, we should have brought more bottled water for all the physical activity we endured, but we made up for that at the local bar later in the evening.

The crew signed up in pairs for a weekly beer pong tournament at a bar called Sharky’s where most backpackers flock to during the late hours. Despite plenty of practice at college parties for most of our teams, we were no match for some of the seasoned locals that bestowed a fortuitous amount of home field advantage. If we won, we drank. If we lost, we drank. Everyone was a winner, until the 6 hour travel day in the van the next day.

The winding roads with lush tropical vegetation through the mountains of Costa Rica are majestic, but that may have been the only silver lining for most everyone who had to endure the trek to Santa Teresa. Upon our arrival at our hostel, The Sitting Bull, the entire van took a 3 hour siesta to recover from the damage we took away from Tamarindo. This hostel was by far the best accommodation on the Coasting Costa trip: air conditioning in every room, master bedrooms with private baths, full kitchen with microwave and fridge, TV, and Wi-Fi. Damage control for the day continued with a nice family dinner and local gelato. Knowing how much of a roller coaster this trip has been so far, the next few days should surely bring us back around for another crazy loop of pure bliss.


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