Day 1 and 2 - Nicaragua

It's only been two days and I can't even believe how crazy this trip has been… 

Rewind 48 hours when we first met Emma, our insatiable tour guide. She was a theater major when she was in college, and quite a character to be around. The locals all know her, which gave us a strong sense of trust for the rest of our trip. She really knew how to break us out of our shells by asking some rather humorous and personal questions, many of which she had just as ridiculous answers as we did. The locals gave her the name Nemo, which is Latin for "Nobody". She is certainly far from it. 

Arriving in San Juan Del Sur is like crash landing onto a new planet. Wild dogs are everywhere and loved by everyone they passed by. Pets seem pointless to have here since you could find a companion animal just by tanning on the beach. A drink is always within arms reach. The water is unbelievably warm. And the food is sensational.

We had lunch at a snazzy little place called Nacho Libre (literally had the movie poster on the wall too). After scarfing down the best gourmet burgers in San Juan, we christened the trip with a round of shots of tequila made in Nicaragua called Flor de Caña, so smooth you could drink it like water. We are lodging at the Rositas Hotel, a quaint hostel familiar with LBW travelers. Air conditioned, running water, plumbing, plenty of beds, and a common area with an outdoor kitchen to spend plenty of bonding time between adventures. The beach is literally half a block down; you can see it from the front door! The first day obviously included some beach time with plenty of sun, surf, and libations. I'm rooming with Sam, an Aussie that finished Uni in Texas, and Pat, a Kiwi who knows how to have a good time. That night, Emma took us out to a Canadian bar called The Loose Moose, founded by a Canadian who started with $5,000, only two drink options, and worked almost every hour of the day to turn it into one of the most sought out bars in San Juan. We all took the Loose Moose shot challenge that consisted of five hot sauce and vodka shots in less than fifteen seconds. Spilling a shot required an additional straight hot sauce shot. Rest assured, proceeds from our debauchery supported a local school charity in their efforts to provide education to young children along with a free tank top that shouted "The Moose is Loose."

Day two was Sunday Funday, an eight-hour marathon of bar hopping with outdoor pools, spray paint tattoos, the best club music, gorgeous travelers from all over the globe, and free shots the moment you walked through the doors. Needless to say, it was one of the best experiences I'll vaguely remember. We started at Pacha Mana that sported a beer pong pit in an emptied out in-ground pool. A short congo line down the street led us to a bar whose name escapes me, but certainly turned the energy up. Countless back-flips flew into the pool, a beer bong came out of nowhere, and everyone immediately lost their shirts and sandals. Tangible objects no longer remained as personal belonging as everyone became family in this hormonal palace of holy shenanigans. Staff members shuttled us to a lavish hill-side bar called The Naked Tiger that overlooked San Juan to witness a beautiful sunset as more cerveza was poured down my throat. This was a place where imagination became reality. Forget Disney World. This is where you go to make dreams come true. The next couple weeks are sure to be incredible…


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