Day 1 & 2 - Coasting Through Costa Rica

We picked up four more lovely ladies from the airport in Liberia to add to our adventure crew: two pairs that were good friends with each other, all Canadian, and ready to have a good time. The van ride was a bit quiet since they had a full day of flying, while we were still recovering from the night before.

The silence was short lived once we arrived in Tamarindo at the Chocolate Hostel. We didn’t find any chocolate here, but the memories made sure were sweet. We immediately slipped into bathing suits and gathered around the pool for introductions. We also met our amazing Costa Rican tour guide and surfing instructor, Miguel. He has been surfing since 5 years old, so we knew we were in good hands. None of us had ever met a guy who was so full of energy and excitement about anything and everything. The only way to describe Miguel is Pura Vida.

Miguel ignited our nightly adventure by taking us to The Crazy Monkey, one of the hottest clubs in town for backpackers alike. Two dance floors split between the venue held heart thumping club music on one side while the other played live music for those who wanted to spice things up with some Bachata. All of a sudden, a few men dressed in tribal costumes opened the floor up with juggling torches and spinning fire at mesmerizing speed. The club started to heat up after that point for most people, but I don’t think anyone minded the heat that night…

Day 2 was jam packed with adventure. An early wake up wasn’t very enjoyable after nights like before, but the adrenaline from the day definitely made up for it. We started zip lining over rivers and zooming through tree tops, immediately followed rappelling down near the river’s edge only to rock climb all the way back up. A horseback ride through the mountain brought us to our drop off for rafting where things got pretty wet and wild. Two-man kayaks for the whole crew took us down rapids and the roaring river. Several groups flipped their boats without failure and even left some attractive battle scar stories for some. A quick stop on the river let us cliff jump in to the water from nearly 30 feet in the air! Lunch was catered for the day with a buffet selection of local cuisine followed by the best mud spa experience ever. A few minutes in the sauna opened our pores before we lathered our skin with mud that made you look 5 years younger with skin as soft as a baby’s bum. A relaxing dip into hot spring pools fed by volcanic heated water had all of us ready to take a much needed siesta.

A quick recharge was all that was needed before we headed to a Full Moon Party on the beach, complete with a bon fire and face painting to make the evening all the more magical. It was hard to believe, but the partying seemed to increase in intensity as the days went on. There seems to be something enchanting that happens when people from all over the world and the fine locals of Costa Rica come together to celebrate life and happiness.


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