Christmas in Koh Tao

After a rocky boat ride to Koh Tao, we were ready for the beach. The ferry was incredibly wavy, and I am not one to get sea sick, but even I was feeling a little off the duration of the cruise.

The reward was a beautiful view from the hotel in Koh Tao!!!! Clear blue waters and colourful boats lined the ocean around the tiny island. We quickly settled in and made it down to the beach for a quick swim and to watch the sun set. 

It was Christmas Eve, so we had a little pre-Christmas party at Rock bar (which became our local spot in Koh Tao, mainly because of its close proximity to our hotel). After a few buckets we started dancing and made our way to the beach to see the fire show. There were a few young Thai boys who were fire spinning and they were amazing with the fire batons. They could even light people's cigarettes without burning their faces off. Unfortunately it started raining halfway through the night but we made the most of it and danced in the rain and in the ocean. It was so refreshing and probably the best Christmas Eve I have spent because it was finally spent without snow. 

Christmas morning was equally as amazing. Had an early FaceTime chat with the family, followed by a Christmas Day brekkie spent with my new family. Who doesn't love curry for breakfast!! This was followed by my favorite Thai activity: Thai massages by the ocean. The oil massage was amazing, and the crashing of the waves was the perfect way to wake up after a long night. When the team finally regrouped we had Beer Olympics, which consisted of beer pong, flip cup, and beersby. It was awesome to play beach games in the sun with new friends. After this we had a Chinese Gift Exchange at dinner, as most people didn't have Christmas presents to open. I received one of the fan favourite gifts, a bucket of rum and coke. The pool party was the Christmas Day evening activity, where we danced in the pool by the ocean. I even jumped off a 5m diving board, which was a solid rush into the sea of people. This was definitely the most epic Christmas party I have ever had! Loved my Christmas on the beach!

Boxing Day was also spent a little differently. Instead of shopping, we went on a trip to the quieter side of Koh Tao and jumped in the water and did some snorkelling. The waves were great and didn't break hard in front of us, which made it awesome for swimming. We were able to do some solid sun tanning as well. A lot of the boys did some cliff jumping, but the sea was pretty rough, and the climb up the rock seemed a little too steep, so I declined. That evening we did a crazy pub crawl, the biggest in SE Asia. Four bars and countless buckets later, it was awesome! Got to experience Koh Tao and all the night life there. Unfortunately I got in the line of fire from a fight and got cut by a bottle. 16 stitches later and I came out alright luckily!! Other than that I will have a great pub crawl story from Thailand. 

Two other activities that I enjoyed taking part in were yoga and paddle boarding. We did a late morning yoga class by a very popular teacher. It was awesome to just relax and stretch out from the last few days. It was almost as good as a massage. Paddle boarding along the beach was gorgeous as well. I paddled from one end of the bay to the next and got a good tour of the beach and hotels from the water point of view. It even started raining, and I could see the rain coming down and moving along as paddled. 

Our final day on this island was a boat party and island tour of Koh Nang Yuan. We went to this gorgeous little island and did a lovely little hike with a few of the white sand beach, as well as a little snorkelling. We then sailed around and anchored twice in a few little bays so people could chill in the sun, jump off the deck (I couldn't because of the stitches :( ) or swim and cool off in the water. 

Koh Tao was gorgeous and such a cute little island. Probably one of my favorites based on its size. I would definitely return! 

Best Bar: Rock Bar

Best Eats: Hippo Burgers

Best Adventure: Koh Nang Yuan island boat trip


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