Chillin' & Surfing in Kuta

My name is Gavin; I’m from Ireland, and for the next three weeks I will be blogging my way around Bali with my girlfriend Chris, a fellow blogger. Together, we will attempt to describe the good, the bad and the incredible aspects the tour as we go along. 


After 4 plane rides and 30 hours of travelling we finally made it to Kuta, Bali. The tour hasn't even started yet and already I am really enjoying it. We arrived a few days early, so we’re still waiting for the majority of the group to arrive. This has turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Firstly, it allowed us to get over the inevitable jet-lag associated with travelling through 7 time zones! Secondly, it has given us the opportunity to get to know our Indonesian guides for the trip, Petti and Iman.

Petti was there to greet us when we arrived at the Kubu Hotel. He’s from Java but has been a tour guide with LBW for years. He is an incredibly friendly man and I’m really looking forward to him showing us some of his country over the next 3 weeks. You can tell he is a very proud Indonesian who loves his country. For me, this has been one of the highlights of the trip so far. I always like to meet locals when I travel; Personally, I think it is the only way to get a real feel for a culture.

I met Iman on the second day. At first he was a little shy but he has since come out of his shell and I am glad he did. He took us to a reggae bar last night, where his friend was playing, and it was a great night! He even got up to sing a song and wasn’t too bad himself!

We’ve also had a beach day where Petti gave us an impromptu surfing lesson. I couldn't quite get the hang of it but I have the feeling that I will have plenty of opportunities to try again over the next three weeks travelling across this beautiful country.

Another highlight has been the food; Petti and Iman have taken us to some really nice local places and the food is amazing and cheap - two of my favourite things!

The rest of the group is arriving tomorrow and I am excited to get to know the people I will be travelling with for the next three weeks. I have a feeling that we are going to have some stories by the time we arrive back here in Kuta to say our goodbyes.

Chris and I will be taking turns and posting updates every few days.

Check out some of the pictures from our adventure follow us!

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