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YachtLife: A Trip To Remember

We arrived on Saturday to meet up with LBW, as soon as we got to the Bodrum port we saw an incredible beautiful yacht, i instantly thought this was going to be one amazing trip. That evening all the tour guides got the group together to have dinner, once this was done we headed over to the famous Club Catamaran. The tour guides got us an amazing deal on bottle service and our crazy and enjoyable night began! 

An Aegean Odyssey: Sailing The Greek Islands

“What are the children of men, but as leaves that drop at the wind's breath?” It's the last message I read as I slam shut my dog-eared copy of The Odyssey – compulsory reading when you're whizzing across the blue-green waters of the Aegean Sea. The wind, the same warming, revitalizing Greek wind that Homer himself would have felt as he roamed the cliffs of Turkish Anatolia, streams through my hair now, and catches the sail. It billows and we're off. I, like the fabled leaves of Homer's image, am blowing in the salty gales that have taken so many across this beautiful corner of the Med.

European Destinations That Could Be The Perfect YachtLife Croatia Add-On

We get it – you don't want to leave Croatia! No one really does, especially not after two weeks of sailing the picture-perfect Adriatic Sea, exploring beautiful islands like Hvar and wild Vis. Of course, you don't actually have to. Just check out this list of places you could easily drop in at the end of your bucket-list-busting sailing jaunt. There's a nice spread, from medieval Italian Roman towns to seaside hotspots in northern Croatia – all doable! Enjoy…


The Mediterranean certainly has its fair share of admirers. But hey, who could blame them? From the pine-studded isles of the French Riviera to the eucalyptus-scented lands of Ionian Greece, the rugged Aegean coves of Turkey to the gorgeous sparkles of the Adriatic Sea, this region takes the meaning of 'Instagramable' to whole new and dizzying heights. Let's take you through some of the gems that make LBW think it might just be the most beautiful place on planet Earth…


Boasting everything from hedonistic party towns that cascade right down to the sparkling Adriatic shore to enthralling historical centers that look like they’ve been lifted straight out of Game of Thrones, there’s a reason that the Adriatic region is hailed as one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. On our much-loved YachtLife tour, a weeklong blowout of ship-deck shindigs and wild swimming in the Med, we hop to a whole host of the top spots along the coast in Croatia. Here’s a look at just a few other gems the greater Adriatic has up its sleeve!

The brilliance of Bodrum!

If Bodrum were a traveller, it would be a bit of every type of traveller. It'd be part hedonistic partier (we're looking at you Bar Street); the ones who can't stop on the mojitos and cold Efes beers once they get going. It would be part lazy backpacker, especially with those sun-kissed beaches just on the doorstep. It would be part flashpacker too, thanks to the millionaire yachts and swish fashionistas that fill the cocktail joints every summer. 

7 Mediterranean destinations that prove Turkey is simply awesome

Ranging from the dusty desert plains of the Middle East to the wild, snow-topped mountains of the Caucuses and the salty rollers of the Black Sea, Turkey is one huge darn country! But while most of the nation remains undiscovered and untrodden, the far west is a place beloved of tourists and travellers. It's a land kissed by the same sun as the Greek Islands; a place doused in Aegean waves, and hungry for hummus and fresh olives.

What to pack for YachtLife!

Congratulations, you’ve decided to ride the waves on an LBW boat trip! It makes no difference if you've gone for YachtLife Med, to hop between the bar-dotted proms of Bodrum and the crumbling ancient ruins of Rhodes, or if you've penned in YachtLife Croatia – that seven-night blow out of Balkan fun that ranges from the sandy beaches of Dalmatia to the amazing isles around Brac and Hvar. You're bound to have a blast on whichever trip you go for.

The most beautiful Ionian islands in Greece

Though strung out along the turquoise-blue waters of the seas on the other side of Greece from where LBW sail away on our bucket-list-busting YachtLife Med trips, the Ionian islands remain one of the most beautiful archipelagos going. Lands of sparkling white sands and olive-dressed backcountry, whitewashed fishing towns and craggy cliffs punctuated by shipwrecks of centuries gone by, there’s little wonder so many travelers make a beeline to their shores each year. Perhaps you’d like to extend your time in the land of ancient temples and sun-splashed beaches for a jaunt through one of these gems…

5 reasons to live the YachtLife

If you’ve been flicking through those travel brochures pining after the glossy pics of Southern Europe, looking wide­ eyed at the shimmering white pebble beaches of Croatia and the forever­ sunny eucalyptus ­dotted coastlines of the Greek Islands and Turkey, then perhaps the time’s right to consider opting for the YachtLife! As well as promising a summer spent checking off some of the most beautiful seas and sands of Europe, these itineraries boast raucous nights out, fine weather and the chance to meet likeminded people. Sounds good right?

5 Most Beautiful Aegean Islands in Greece

Ah, the blue, blue Aegean. This sun­kissed sea that marks the boundary between the Turkish Riviera and the Greek mainland is home to some of Europe’s most paradisiacal destinations. Take eerie, enthralling Delos with its ancient ruins, or party­mad Mykonos. Think of Rhodes’ enticing tavernas and beaches, or the wild hills of laid­back Symi. It’s all picture­ perfect stuff!