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Surf Days On Costa Rica's Pacific Coast

Tamarindo isn't just a legendary surf spot. It's also got gorgeous beaches, a slow, typically Tico pace of life, and plenty of enticing bars and cafes. Just a couple of days here can make it feel like home. There's usually a crowd of super-friendly travelers/locals to meet over cold beers. The beach is downright gorgeous. And the waves? Did we mention that they're simply awesome…?

Pura Vida

Our skin has been salt washed by the ocean. Our feet engulfed by the warm and sponge-like sand beneath us. We've laughed, made lasting memories, and continue to experience beautiful Costa Rica together. 

8 Things Most Travellers Miss in Central America

Central America might not be the most traveled corner of the globe, but there's no question it's on the up. Thousands of tourists now flock to the beaches of Panama and the forests of Costa Rica each year, eager to spy out sloths and ride their first Pacific swells. However, there are still oodles of off-the-beaten-track spots and attractions in this S-bend between the Americas, with everything from hidden rivers to mysterious Mayan ruins on the menu for the more intrepid backpacker. Check it out…


Shrouded in mists and dressed in swaying palms, scented with coffee fields and fringed with tropical beaches to shame any Caribbean island, Costa Rica is hardly one to resist. But, just in case you needed any more reasons to pack the Hawaiian shirts and walking boots and make a beeline for this Central American gem, here’s a lowdown of some of its major pulls. Expect sultry rainforests, shimmering Pacific sands, three-toed sloths et al.

Choosing the right tour in Central America

With everything from misty rainforests to endangered species, picture-perfect beaches to monstrous volcanos, pretty colonial cities to sleepless parties on the sands of the Caribbean on the line-up for travellers heading to Central America, we know it can be tricky finding the itinerary that’s right for you. Cue this lowdown of every trip offered by LBW, which goes from Nica to Panama and boasts oodles adrenaline-pumping adventure travel and no-holes-barred hedonism alike. Enjoy!

5 of the wildest destinations in Costa Rica

It’s hardly a secret that Costa Rica’s famed for its wild and untouched hinterland. Travelers flock from far and wide to see the wondrous cloud forests (one of the most endangered habitats on the planet), caked in millions of mosses and beset by eerie plumes of fog and mist throughout the year. Others come to scale the multitude of volcanos, bathe in bubbling hot springs, spot iguanas and jaguars on the jungle paths, raft the rivers – the list goes on! Mhmm, this jewel of Central America offers all that and more...