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Maybe it’s bungee jumping in the jungles of South America that’s got you all fired up? Or is it the thought of intrepid hikes to ancient Incan ruins in the Andes? Perhaps it’s the promise of hidden surf spots in the Indonesian Nusa Tenggara, endless parties on the full moon-floodlit beaches of Thailand, scrambles up Nica’s volcanic hills, or slides down Vietnam’s sandy dunes? Maybe its days spent under the Slavic sun hopping the plunge pools of Croatian waterfalls? Maybe it’s the vast Atacama and the hidden pueblo towns within? Maybe it’s Bali’s mysterious monkey forests or the green, green hills of Ubud? Maybe it’s all of the above…


Peppered with the smoking calderas of countless volcanoes, beset by deep and misty stretches of primeval forest, trodden by curious tree frogs and jaguars, white-headed capuchin monkeys and ocelots alike, it’s hardly surprising that Nicaragua is the go to place for trekkers in Central America these days. Check out this list of the nation’s top hikes, some of which are on the menu of our acclaimed Nica itineraries!

8 Central American Spots To Spend That Spring Break

Ah, spring break: that blowout of booze and partying that everyone’s looking forward to. Yes, we know the beaches of south Cali or Florida are fun when the sun strikes and lectures recede, but why not try something a little different this year and head for the sultry reaches south of the border? You can expect everything from world-class surf to steaming volcanos, not to mention uber-cheap tequila shots, potent mojitos and more cerveza than you can shake a Nicaraguan gallo pinto at!

14 Things You Definitely Need In Your Backpack While Abroad

Narrow city streets are our playgrounds, jungles are our local hangouts, and beach hammocks are where we lay our heads. We catch memories and live in the moment, and hold only the most important things dear. However, don’t let your light backpacking ways leave you up a creek without a paddle! Here are 14 lightweight things to keep in your backpack that will make your backpacking trip a breeze!

8 Things Most Travellers Miss in Central America

Central America might not be the most traveled corner of the globe, but there's no question it's on the up. Thousands of tourists now flock to the beaches of Panama and the forests of Costa Rica each year, eager to spy out sloths and ride their first Pacific swells. However, there are still oodles of off-the-beaten-track spots and attractions in this S-bend between the Americas, with everything from hidden rivers to mysterious Mayan ruins on the menu for the more intrepid backpacker. Check it out…