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8 Central American Spots To Spend That Spring Break

Ah, spring break: that blowout of booze and partying that everyone’s looking forward to. Yes, we know the beaches of south Cali or Florida are fun when the sun strikes and lectures recede, but why not try something a little different this year and head for the sultry reaches south of the border? You can expect everything from world-class surf to steaming volcanos, not to mention uber-cheap tequila shots, potent mojitos and more cerveza than you can shake a Nicaraguan gallo pinto at!

14 Things You Definitely Need In Your Backpack While Abroad

Narrow city streets are our playgrounds, jungles are our local hangouts, and beach hammocks are where we lay our heads. We catch memories and live in the moment, and hold only the most important things dear. However, don’t let your light backpacking ways leave you up a creek without a paddle! Here are 14 lightweight things to keep in your backpack that will make your backpacking trip a breeze!

8 Things You've Done If You're A Serious Traveller

Travelling brings joy to a part of our souls no other thrill can. Getting lost in old cities, catching barrels on ancient waves, and sipping tea with monks inspires us and opens our minds to indescribable possibilities. Along the way we’ve gotten lost, made some mistakes, and discovered new adventures in serendipitous ways. Here are 8 words of wisdom from some serious travellers...

8 Things Most Travellers Miss in Central America

Central America might not be the most traveled corner of the globe, but there's no question it's on the up. Thousands of tourists now flock to the beaches of Panama and the forests of Costa Rica each year, eager to spy out sloths and ride their first Pacific swells. However, there are still oodles of off-the-beaten-track spots and attractions in this S-bend between the Americas, with everything from hidden rivers to mysterious Mayan ruins on the menu for the more intrepid backpacker. Check it out…

Best time to visit Panama?

Ah, Panama: that S-bend of land that connects South America to North America. Known across the globe for its famous canal and as a booming business center, the place might seem like somewhere to avoid on that gap year adventure. But woe betide the person who writes it off! Woe betide the person who thinks there's simply never a best time to visit Panama!

Choose the right Central America tour

With everything from misty rainforests to endangered species, picture-perfect beaches to monstrous volcanos, pretty colonial cities to sleepless parties on the sands of the Caribbean on the line-up for travelers heading to Central America, we know it can be tricky finding the itinerary that’s right for you. Cue this lowdown of every trip offered by LBW, which goes from Nica to Panama and boasts oodles adrenaline-pumping adventure travel and no-holes-barred hedonism alike. Enjoy!

7 cool backpacking towns in Central America

Traveling through the Central American wilds means delving into a land of primeval rain forests and smoking volcanos, keeping company with sloths and tarantulas and quetzals and jaguars, surfing the rollers of the Pacific and Caribbean seas, and tasting uber ­fresh, chilli­ packed foods. It’s also about meeting new and likeminded people, which is why this selection of the region’s top backpacker towns should feature on the itineraries of any would­ be adventurer heading for the lands of Costa Rica and Nica, Panama and less ­trodden El Salvador...

8 Reasons to Visit Panama Right Now

One of Central America’s real gems, Panama is a land of picture-perfect Carib beaches, rolling Pacific surf swells, virgin tropical islands, unexplored jungles, booming biodiversity, smiling locals, curious tribes, awesome engineering feats – the list goes on! As if any traveler needed any more inspiration to pack up the sunnies and board shorts and make a beeline for this one’s shores…

7 Bucket List Destinations in Central America You Have to Visit

Whether you’re an out­and­out beach bum, a jungle lover with a penchant for the world’s more curious creatures (we’re talking lazy sloths, tree frogs so bright they bring on hallucinations and multi­coloured tropical birds), a culture­vulture pining for pre­Columbian ruins, or a surfer eager to hit some seriously legendary swells, Central America is certain not to disappoint. Just check out this selection of the region’s seven top bucket list destinations. 

8 Reasons to Visit Central America Right Now

If your wanderlust’s been flaring up again and you’re trying to find somewhere to direct those itchy feet, why not look to the Americas? Not South, not North, but rather in the middle. Look to a land of misty jungles and sparkling beaches, of monkey-topped rainforests and three-toed sloths, of world-class surf and chilled-out backpacker towns, colonial masterworks and mysterious Mayan treasures. As if you needed any more incentive to visit Central America!

Best of Central Part One

Naturally Nica opened our eyes and shut our mouths. Kicking off in San Juan Del Sur the little surf town knocked our socks off and the barefoot beach dancing began! Sunday Fun-day showed us the time of our lives, while we all wore our sunglasses and hoarded our advil for the following days.

Best of Central Part Four

They call it Panamania for a reason! Walking across the boarder is an experience you just have to do! Beginning in Boquete we were immersed in the culture with a coffee tour, swimming in a mini canyon, and enjoying some hot springs! Spending only 2 nights, we crammed as much fun into Boquete as possible, and got up close and personal with some caffeine and goats!