Buddhas, Buckets & Bugs

Hey Everyone! 

Today I begin to write to you from many thousands of miles away. Things are finally starting to get underway and a sense of realness has finally set in. Right from the get go I was fortunate enough to meet up with a handful of really cool adventurous others on the same LBW tour! 

After what felt like a quick 13,000 kilometres (8077 miles) and 24 hours on the go we finally arrived in Bangkok!

Upon stepping out of the cooler air conditioned airport, we immediately felt the radiance of the intense Bangkok heat and its humidity; it was almost like opening up the oven door. Backpacks and all we headed out with our curiosity levels higher than ever. We took a cab to Koh San Road through Bangkok's booming capital. One of our guides Bryce, met up and helped maneuver us through the busy streets to what will be home for the next few days. 

Later during the evening, about a dozen of us all went out for dinner and it was really quite amazing how well we all bonded; we knew we were in for a good night.... Scratch that a great few nights! Among the long list of "beverages" consumed that night the buckets were by far the best. I guess that's why our guide Sam kept telling us there dangerous; in their own special way. Regardless we said "Phuket have a bucket" which was ironically the name of my very first bucket. The rest is history but, we danced till the bars shut down. Suddenly McDonalds at 3:30 am seemed like a pretty rad idea. 

As the rest of the group started to fully arrived it was looking better and better. We had headed out to the neighbouring pool a few times to escape Bangkoks scorching mid day heat and humidity. We also all went to visit the famous "reclining Buddha" statue at the Wat Pho temple. This was definitely a highlight of this stop. Hearing the history behind both the Buddhist religion and the creation of the temple was quite amazing. The astounding detail and size of these beautiful monuments was unseen, each with its own purpose and story to tell. I was very amazed by the money and time that has been placed into the continuous care of this miraculous site. 

With our last night in Bangkok I took the opportunity to get an infamous Thai massage (no happy ending haha). I must say it was extremely enjoyable and definitely something to do again! I also tried something most people would never imagine to even think of doing. I can officially say I have tried every bug on the Koh San Road bug carts! Grossly it included a scorpion, beetles, cockroaches, maggots, grasshoppers, and even a snake. I can't say I enjoyed it but the curiosity got the best of me. 

Growing anxious as the days approached we are headed to our first island; Koh Tao! I've noticed most of us are extremely excited to soak up some sun, and finally lay on the beach. 

From far far away, thanks for reading and stay tuned for the adventures of Koh Tao. 


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