Blissful Bali Life in Kuta

Dear Reader,

Chris here, Gavin’s Canadian half, reporting on the last few days of the LBW trip in Kuta. It’s been a great few days with everyone arriving; some reuniting with old friends or getting to know new faces.

We started the official tour with an orientation, establishing ground rules for the country and the culture as well as the well-known LBW games (many members of the group have travelled to Thailand previously and some Vietnam.)

Once everyone was well versed in the general rules of M-I-N-E and T-E-N, copy-paste-delete and the tricks and consequences of icing and being iced, we headed to the beach. Petti had a number of instructors ready for us with surf boards and shirts. After a few trial runs on the beach we headed out to the waves and gave it a try. True to internet information the season in Bali currently is rainy season, consequently the previous day it rained with ferocious winds all day resulting in a ton of rubbish amongst the beach and floating in the water. Although the turn off, everyone eagerly gave it a go and some were extremely impressive with their first-timer skills. Once the session ended, we chilled on the beach for a little while enjoying some sun and food. Many of them carried on getting to know one another back at the hotel pool, where we played some version of volleyball with a soccer ball inviting some friendly Aussie travellers to participate. Games and conversation continued, along with many beers until we only had a short time to get ourselves ready for dinner. Dinner lead into drinks and a proper night out on the town where many ended up at Sky Garden, a popular club with 4 floors each with its own type of music. Dance moves, pick-up lines and shots were all exchanged. I am sure you can imagine what the morning looked like.

The next day consisted of massages and chilling out more at the beach while some cured a very heavy hangover. My favourite part was when one of our guides was playing the guitar and singing some solid tunes like ‘Stand by me’ and ‘Stir it up’. It was a relaxing day, yet the rubbish was still kicking around. Petti suggested for volunteers to meet in the late afternoon to go collect the garbage off the beach. A number of people went down and started cleaning the beach. Inspired, locals present for the sunset began participating and picking up the litter while thanking the group. It was sweaty work but everyone felt a great sense of inspiration for the reaction and response from everyone else. Beers were shared and a delicious soup was had before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. 

After dinner pre-drinking was a must. A tame game of Sociables was started to get the evening flowing, along with the many push-ups, squats and outrageous phrases that would follow the rest of the night. We left the hotel to take advantage of the all-one-can-drink wrist bands at Eikon. Again more conversation, drinks and smiles were present, although parts of the group began to break off to either head home to bed or for food. Some of the stories included one member heading off on a solo mission down the alley ways to find pizza…we all have those alcohol-induced hunger cravings that just need to be satisfied. Another member hired a lady on a mo-ped named Mia to drive him to another hotel to see a friend from back home then only to find out that she works 4 jobs, 2 of them being a taxi driver, the other a prostitute. Happily to announce he only purchased the taxi service, although they went around in circles for 40 minutes trying to get directions to a place that was only a few minutes away. This member wasn’t too bothered by the situation he explains, “It’s a great way to see the city,” and “I tried to add her on Facebook, but it turns out she doesn’t have it.”

Our last day in Kuta was jam packed with activities; specifically the water sports which included many opting for jet-skis, banana boat rides and fly fishing. Although it took a good chunk of our time a lot of us really enjoyed the time we had on the jet-skis. After another half hour ride we ended up at a gorgeous beach with the picturesque water and sandy white beaches. We ate, again, and chilled on the beach under umbrellas and on comfy tanning beds. After, what felt like certainly not long enough, we headed to see the Kecak Fire Dance. The temple was lovely; beautiful views of the ocean, cliffs and sky. Unfortunately the show was cut short due to an intense amount of clouds bringing wind and a complete downpour of rain. We all made a run for it towards the van and jumped in. Soaking wet, we headed all the way back to Kuta in which we branched off to have a late dinner, shower, pack and head to bed. Tomorrow we head to Ubud.


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