Best of Central Part Three

Rockin Rica

Our tour continued into La Fortuna, where the rainy weather was irrelevant to our fun! Shotgunning beers at the Rio Celeste waterfalls, walking through graffiti-painted warm-water soaked underground passages, chocolate tours, and volcano hikes are just to name a few! 

Walking underground with Spanish graffiti on the walls, all 26 girls on our tour screamed and jumped until we settled into the naturally occurring hot springs. Heated by the volcano, we kept our beers cold and our bums warm as we hung out in the jungle in the dark.

The following day we nursed our hangovers with mounds of dark chocolate, as we discovered how chocolate has been made for hundreds of years. With our sweet tooth satiated we were ready to take on the Arenal Volcano Waterfalls. The Arenal Volcano was a pretty memorable part of the trip.


The awe inspiring power of the waterfall was felt inside and out. Wading through the water you cannot get close to standing underneath the waterfall as the power pushes you, bikinis, and anything else not secured away from the mass amounts of water. Monteverde is the place where fears go to die! Zip lining the longest zip line in Central America, any fears of heights are dealt with and left behind. Those daring enough bungee jumped into a valley and kissed death, while others superman zip lined 100 meters off the ground. All 26 of us jumped with the Tarzan Swing and became very well acquainted with the feeling of falling. This day came easy to some and not to others. Lots of tears and high fives!


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