Best of Central Part Four


They call it Panamania for a reason! Walking across the boarder is an experience you just have to do! Beginning in Boquete we were immersed in the culture with a coffee tour, swimming in a mini canyon, and enjoying some hot springs! Spending only 2 nights, we crammed as much fun into Boquete as possible, and got up close and personal with some caffeine and goats!

The vast use of the english language gave us access into the culture and allowed us to interact with the friendly locals, who where eager to show us their way of living! As we moved on to Bocas Del Torro, none of us knew what to expect. The vibrant island introduced us to colours, tastes, people, and a way of living so different from our own. Island life fit us well with opportunities to peer into the ocean around us at all times! The beautiful beaches entertained us as we caught a few football games with the locals, while we relaxed and prepared ourselves for our AVTing adventure the next day. Renting ATV’s from the Flying Pirates, all of us ventured into the jungle of Bocas. We saw snakes, howler monkeys, turtles and fish. Because of the rainy season, we were drenched in mud and jungle life while we had a blast getting stuck and destroyed by the jungle. We definitely left pieces of our natural selves to the pirates and the jungle of Bocas. 

Puerto Viejo

The island town of Puerto was a lot of our travellers favourites. The bike rentals had us fitting right in and running all over the small surf town. As we slowed down and our trip came to a close, we visited the Jaguar Animal Rescue Center. Finally, we got up close and personal with some sloths and monkeys! The center focuses on rescuing animals and nursing them back to health to be released into the wild, and advocates for eco tourism and promotion of wildlife. As we hung out with all sorts of cats, anteaters, birds, snakes, and deer it gave our group time to reflect. The jungle and surf surrounding us, our 28 day tour had come to a slow stop. The Best of Central Tour brought us to great heights and depths, through parties and meeting of minds and hearts, spicy and bland, high waves and low, through thick and thin and all the gallo pinto, we will never be the same. Taking what we’ve learned, we go back to our lives as we continue to strive to love what you do. Travel, grow, go!


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