Bali - Beautiful & Organic

Well today we had to be up at 6 am. Far too early. And it was pouring with rain. The bus ride to where we were catching the boat was 2 hours away and I slept the whole way.

We were a hour early to catch the boat so we all went to get some breakfast. The boat ride was fantastic! I don’t know how long it was but it was amazing! We sat outside and the cold wind felt amazing. I new I might burn so I used so much sun cream, it was crazy. When we got to Gili T it was so hot I could not wait to get in the sea to cool down! So all of us spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. We went to the night market for tea and the food was the best I have had yet. So I’m looking forward to going back there tomorrow night. I have to say, I could stay on Gili T. There are no cars, no roads… It’s so organic. I love it! Today I went scuba diving, and because I’m allergic to chlorine I have to be up nice and early for my pool session in the sea. It was nice that the people at Gili Divers would let me do this. It was so scary but wow! It’s like a different world down there! When I joined the rest of the divers, we went further out to sea and we dived to 12 meters. The things we saw were fantastic! The turtles were massive and we saw a baby shark, clown fish, puffer fish, and many many more. I could not name everything I saw but it has made me want to go again and again. Totally different world; completely magical.

Feb 18th- This morning Brii and I went for waffles for breakfast. We found a small cafe on Kuta beach and wow, the waffles were amazing! Just want I needed. Today was just a chill day… well, until 3pm when we were getting on the bus to Uluwatu. When we arrived the hotel could not be a better location. Right on top of the cliffs! The walk down to the beach is steep, but soon as we got to the beach… wow! It looked fantastic! And the sea was so warm. We spent the rest of the day just walking around and chillin’ on the beach. In the morning it was to be a productive day. We were visiting a few different beaches in the area and they were all amazing. They looked like something out of a magazine! The photos we all took were incredible. The only thing that could of made the day better is if the rain held off but no, it did have to rain. We also went to the temple. It was not what I was expecting at all. The monkeys that were there looked so cute but the temple was not for me. I enjoy seeing different culture but we have passed better temples. Just on our travels I think.


Feb 20th- We have a chill out day again. After the busy day going to all the beaches etc yesterday, it was what I needed. The rain was on and off, but still a lovely day to walk about and enjoy the views. Like I say, this place is fantastic! The people are lovely and the more time I spend in this part of the world the more I want to stay.


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