Bangkok, Where do I begin?

I arrived here a few days before our LBW tour began. It gave me time to sleep off some jet lag and acclimatize which I’m glad I did because this way I was all ready to have the time of my life!

After the first few days here there are a couple of things I’ve learned about this big city. The first thing is how patient you must be. Things can take a long time here. The traffic is unlike any traffic I’ve ever seen. The amount of people, cars and motorbikes is astounding. Pack a bunch of people into a small hallway and blast the heat and you have Bangkok.

The second is do NOT underestimate KhaoSan Road. Our first night on the tour was nuts! We went to an outdoor beer garden on the roof of a building and it was pouring rain! We had a covered area with about 10 staff (at least!) waiting on us. The rain stopped around midnight and we went back out to KhaoSan road to party more. Let’s just say I wasn’t feeling the best today, but the fried rice for 30 baht makes it all better. Today we went to the temple called Wat Pho. It was stunning. Something I think everyone needs to see in their life. The tuk-tuk we rode back to the hotel was fun too!

More to come soon from my adventures here.


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