Bangkok - What day is it?

The first days are already blending together like one big dream. Bangkok is not for the lighthearted with the smells, the traffic, the ladyboys, the food, the nightlife, it’s full on.

After meeting everyone on Day 1 we roll out to every new place like an army battalion ready to go to war but instead of tanks and guns we have tuk tuks and buckets full of vodka redbull. The first full day we are guided around Wat Po full of intricately designed temples with monks praying around every corner. We hop on tuk tuks back to the hotel, an experience in itself, and prepare for further evening festivities after dinner in another hidden gem of a restaurant. That night we end up back at the same bucket bar we started but it’s 3am, the buckets are ‘gone’ and we join the local Thai girls for some ridiculously spicy and delicious food sitting on the road in the middle of the mayhem that is Kohsoan road.


Since riding every mode transport possible enroute to Kho Tao from trains to boats to trucks I’m now writing this having just finished snorkeling on a more remote and even more beautiful beach on the island. Lest not forget last night our first introduction to the Kho Tao beach parties baring witness to the sickest fire poi show and a chance for our group to jump the fire rope. Don’t blink in Thailand or you’ll miss something.


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