Bangin' Bangkok, Just The Beginning

Sitting on the plane in my warm clothes I wondered what Thailand had in store for me. Little did I know, I would be thrown into the deep end of complete insanity.

Hitching a ride with my mate Kendall, we were lost for words as we stared out the window. The billboard game was insane, there were shiny golden buildings and flashing lights everywhere, and the heat was unbearable. Scooters, tuk tuks and an array of colored taxis flew past as I tried to take in this huge city. Upon my arrival I was completely overwhelmed and a little lost, but the guides made me feel so welcome and sorted me out straight away. Feeling jet lagged, hot and “hangry” (hungry/angry) I was really keen to sleep, but being the keen Kiwi I am, I pushed through and went out with the group. 

Khao San Road was absolutely [insert expletives here] crazy. There was loud music coming from every direction, vendors competing for your attention, drunk party people celebrating and 1000 smells invading your nostrils. At first I was a little apprehensive, but after a few buckets and some old school jams I was first pumping the night away with my LBW family. 

The next day we went to the temple which was a photographers delight. Our tour guide was pretty cool guy. He told us all about Buddhism, the history of Thailand and even gave us some new life mottos like “no money, no honey”, which I’m sure will stick with everyone for the whole trip. 

After the temple tour we all caught Tuk Tuks back to the hotel and relaxed before going to the night markets. We walked as a whole group down to the river and hopped on a boat. Now I thought we would go straight to our destination but we actually stopped at many different wharfs for pickups and dropoffs, like a bus stop! We arrived at the market which had many beautiful restaurants along the boardwalk, cute stalls and a giant Ferris wheel for stunning views of Bangkok. Later on the group went out again and the good vibes were flowing all night. 

For our last day in Bangkok we had three optional activities: a canal ride with the opportunity to feed piranhas, a visit to MBK mall or a swim in a rooftop pool. I, along with three friends, checked out the MBK mall in hopes of getting manicures, phones and our hair done. MBK, with twelve floors and shops that had everything you would ever need packed into every corner of the building, freaked us out a little. We only managed two floors before eventually giving up and heading back home. 

We finished the last day with a chill group dinner, free shots and shisha. Now we’re on a bus watching the Last Song with our freshly cleaned blankets on our way to Koh Tao. Island life begins in T-minus T. E. N hours!!!


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