Bali - the wonderful journey begins

I arrived in Bali late on the 15th. I was the last to arrive that day. Petty picked me up from the air port and the journey started. We came to the hotel and quick shower and change of clothes and we were on owe way to meet the rest of the group. Wow all girls only 1 boy. I do feel for him, having to listen to all our girl talk but he is here with his girlfriend. So it’s all good.

I can’t remember everyone’s names yet but everyone was so nice. We had a few drinks and a good dance. I left early after all the traveling but it was so nice to meet the gang. In the morning we all went down to the beach the sun was out sun cream on and arrrr relax. The surf looked fantastic and we were having owe first lesion in a few hours. So we were all watching with amazement (wow we will be doing that soon) I actually surprised my self once we got going it was easier than I thought. But let’s see if I’m saying that in a few days when I have had a go again. Later that day we had a wander around the local markets the culture is like nothing I have ever seen before. But this is also my first experience traveling. The smells coming from the stalls is like warm spice. The fruit looks fantastic.Today we went to a orphanage it was a day with mixed emotions. Happy and sad the kids were fantastic but I think it hit home how hard some peoples lives are. And also how giving people can be. Like the lovely couple that own the orphanage. It was inspiring.


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