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And We Danced!

Sarah FlintComment
And We Danced!

You've landed. You and the rest of the bodies that were occupying the aircraft are now exiting. There's that first breath; you feel the humidity hit your veins, your skin prickles as the warmth surrounds you, and then you're brain jumps to action, to remind you... you're no longer at home. 


The excitement and adrenaline continue as you anxiously await meeting the family you will be spending your days with; maybe for one week, two, or if you're lucky, much longer. There is something truly intoxicating about the way LBW travellers welcome one another... there's a palpable sense of inclusion and acceptance from the minute you introduce yourself. You've all travelled from different geographic locations, looking for an adventure, and a yearning to experience everything that you can get your hands on. 


Costa Rica has already been memorable; it has only been three days! The first meal was one for the books; traditional, cooked with heart, and full of so many amazing flavours to dance on your palate. This night ended with a trip to Crazy Monkey to listen to a live band, watch a fire show, and dance until you literally think you can't stand any longer. The LBW family knows how to break in the first day of a new adventure. 


The passing days have all been filled with their own form of adventure and new experiences to tackle. A private catamaran to take you to a little beach where snorkelling, water frolicking, and paddle boarding are highly encouraged. A belly full of a personally prepared, delicious and unforgettable lunch. And, if full bellies and water fun aren't enough; you truly cannot help but move your body when you hear that tantalizing beat drop. The music started and we danced! You'd think that, that would be all that one could handle for a day but there's more! The boat had everyone back in time to catch a truly mesmerizing sunset. I'm telling you... so Instagram worthy. The night ended with cocktails back at the hostel and more dancing! 


Writing this now, another full day under the belt, you can't help but think it just can't get any better than this. Can it? Oh, but surly it can because when you're with LBW, you're days aren't numbered. With each day comes new fears to conquer, new memories to make, more laughs to be had, and so much of the world to explore. 


It's the last night in Tamarindo and to celebrate the time here, and to welcome the new coming adventures, we will dance! 

And with that, I send love from the beautiful Costa Rica.

Hey, it's me, Sarah! 

I'm a Canadian gal, grown in Alberta, who prefers to live life in the same way I prefer to eat my food... spicy! You know that feeling you get, when your food is hot? You breathe a bit heavier, your mouth starts to tingle with that fire, and your skin starts to warm... yet you go back for more, you dig in for that third, fourth, and fifth bite. I want to live my life with that kind of tenacity; to keep going back for another bite.

Go ahead, add the habanero, live a little!


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