Ancient Ruins & Amazing Memories

We just spend four days in Cusco and it proved to be an amazing city with so many hidden treasures. We started off day one with a delicious lunch and a walk through the gorgeous plaza des armes.


Spanish cathedrals form walls around the gorgeous plaza build on ancient Inca ruins. When earthquakes hit Peru most of the Spanish architecture crumbles but the inca walls stand strong underneath. With so much culture all around us it was easy to get swept away by the beauty. The next day we started the long commute to Machu Picchu. After the coca canyon hike none of us were disappointed with taking the train up the mountain instead of doing the four day inca trail hike. The beautiful Machu Picchu ruins are impossible to capture by words or pictures. As we followed our guide though the ruins the amount of delicate precision, insight, and advanced building skills awed and shocked us. After doing all the chessy yoga on Machu Picchu pictures and exploring for hours we headed home. Machu Picchu was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. The last event in cusco was a cooking class with a local chef. We went though the market learning about all the local food and then took it back and made a delicious meal of lomo saltine which is a Peruvian stir fry. During cooking we sampled quite a few Pisco sours and other local drinks resulting us being full and more than a little bit tipsy. After four days of bliss exploring cusco we boarded the daunting 18 hour bus ride to haucachina. I can’t believe we are almost done this crazy tour of Peru but I’m sure the last few days will be jam packed with adventure!!


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