An intro to Central America

Well, you heard it here first folks! Life Before Work Travel is now running tours throughout the incredible realms of Central America.


This release has come after months and months of planning, and we couldn’t be happier to finally see this destination come to life! If you have ever wanted to explore the incredible countries of Central America, now is the time. In fact, we invite you to be our guest along one of our premier tours. (I can’t help but think of Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast singing when I say that!) Life Before Work will be hosting 12 different tours to Central America, allowing travellers to select what fits best for their budget and timeframe! The countries of Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua are the cores of our tours, and we hope that you fall in love with them as much as we have! Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination for its warm, tropical climate and beautiful landscape. The country is covered in some of the world’s more pristine beaches.

As this country is much more developed than its neighbors, Costa Rica won’t be such a culture shock to those who are new to traveling. An interesting fact about Costa Rica is that it is one of the few unarmed countries of the world, as they decided a long time ago that a military was unnecessary for a country that held no intention of ever going to war; this enormous peace movement shines through each aspect of this incredible country. Everywhere you go, you are sure to meet some of the nicest people you will every come across (locals call themselves “tico” or “tica.”) Tamarindo, known as the Costa Rican “Hot Spot” in one of our favourite spots to explore the area on an ATV, by racing through the jungle on horseback, or zip lining through the rain forest. Santa Teresa is the ideal spot for all up-and-coming surfers to kick back on the beach, catch a wave or two, and explore some of the incredible waterfalls that Costa Rica has to offer. Nicaragua is an untouched version of Costa Rica.

This hidden gem offers the same incredible sights of Costa Rica – at a fraction of the cost! Nicaragua’s beautiful, luscious climate, and seemingly endless stretches of forestry is sure to steal your heart away. The locals of Nicaragua will be more than happy to teach you a few words of Spanish to get you through your travels. If adventure is what you seek, Nicaragua is the place to be – with endless options of activities, and low price tags for such, here is the ideal location to indulge in everything that your heart desires while on vacation! Nicaragua is said to have some of the best surfing in Central America, with its beaches nearly untouched and perfect waves! The Isla de Ometepe, one of the stops on our Nicaragua tours, is host to two large volcanoes that rise way up into the sky above the waters of Lake Nicragua. Here, travellers will be able to explore the area by trek , kayak, or swimming in hidden lagoons. San Juan Del Sur, a beach town in Nicaragua, offers its visitors a large number of beaches to explore, and is famous for its “Sunday Funday” pool party pub crawl. Panama is the third and final country that Life Before Work explores in their Central America tours. This country is the link between North and South America, and is a major hub for many of the world’s goods and services. If you are looking for a tropical vacation full of adventure – Panama is your ideal destination. Bocas del Toro, one of Life Before Work’s Panama destinations, has been host to the “Survivor” series for 18 different countries! Here, you can explore the incredible sights that the Survivors were able to – with the comfort plentiful food and drinks available, along with a bed to rest in at night! Boquete, part of Panama’s northern highlands, is a coffee fanatics dream come true. Here, you can go on a coffee tour across a mini canyon and explore the process of creating your morning necessity, and see what REAL fresh coffee tastes like.


Although Puerto Viejo is actually a part of Costa Rica, Life Before Work has included it in its Panama tours visit the infamous Jaguar Animal Rescue Center. At this center, you will get up-close-and-personal to some of Central America’s native creatures that are currently in the process of rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction back to the wild; you may come across such animals as sloths, anteaters, monkeys, and various species of wild cats (such as jaguars!) If you are up for a tour filled with adventure, exploration, and discovery within a tropical climate of jungles, beaches and rain forests – Central America may just be your dream destination.

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My words (or anyone else’s, for that matter) can never even begin to describe what traveling can do for you. Traveling not only reveals a whole new world to your eyes, it allows you to discover more about yourself than you ever could have imagined possible. It thrusts you past your comfort zone, and truly urges you to open up your mind to the vast possibilities that surround you.

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