All About Rainy Railay

On our way to Railay we stopped at the pharmacy and 7-eleven to pick up some essential items like water, snacks, painkillers and chocolate milk, my favourite. A handy tip we got from Dan, an LBW tour guide who joined us, was to avoid water, raw vegetables and chicken in Railay as it is quite easy to fall ill there. 

The only way to get to Railay from the mainland is to take a boat. There are no roads, no cars and no scooters, and the small peninsula only has one dog. 

For our first activity we went kayaking across the sea and through the mangroves. The experience of floating around huge cliff sides and through the small canopy of each tree was unreal. We took some cool photos that day and had some hilarious times struggling with the paddles and having races with one another. 

Because of the rain and overcast we were forced to stay indoors a lot, however it turned out to be really fun as we visited the Why Not Bar everyday and made good friends with the barman T, a fellow Kiwi, who gave us mind boggling riddles and puzzles that kept us entertained for hours. 

The group also went to the Last bar to watch Ting, a multi-talented local, sing his beautiful acoustic songs and spin some fire for an entertaining night. 

A few people went for a viewpoint hike which consisted of a very steep climb up and a very muddy climb down, but according to my friend Abbie, it was totally worth it. 

Railay was also great for group bonding as we played a lot of card games, chatted over drinks and got to know each other a lot better.

We had a mint day climbing up through a huge dark cave that ended with a wonderful viewpoint. It was great to get some photos but we were definitely freaking out our tour guide Puukii with a few of us posing for pictures right on the edge of a huge cliff. On our walk back we saw some monkeys snatch a bag of pizza from a lady and completely demolish it between them, which was super funny.


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