Adventures & KrabiLife Homestay

Hey guys! 

I have decided to combine my accounts of Phuket and the LBW "KrabiLife Homestay", into one blog! Leaving the beautiful shores of Koh Phi Phi, we were all headed for Phuket. Upon arriving in the city and settling in we all went for a nice swim on the rooftop pool.

With only two nights in town, there isn't really a whole lot to share with you guys. I will say, I wasn't too fond of this destination! Although I did enjoy seeing the city, two days was more than enough for me. The highlight of my time in Phuket was definitely our island tour on the second day.

We had the opportunity to see a little bit more of what this city had to offer; aside from its wild nightlife. The first stop we made was at the Big Buddha statue, located on the peak of a gorgeous mountain view. The statue was a massive piece of architecture made of small marble tiles. Some people took the opportunity to be blessed by Buddhist monks and a spiritual water; I passed on this experience. We also visited another extremely gorgeous temple afterwards that was compiled of many Buddha statues, and marvellous gold paintings. It was arguably one of the nicest and well kept temples I've seen yet! The last stop on our island tour led us to a viewpoint location that was built for the King Ramas' 50th birthday. This viewpoint gave me a totally different perspective on the city since we had truly only seen the busy streets, and booming night activities. Although I did enjoy the island tour quite a bit, I personally would not recommend visiting Phuket! Spending another night or two elsewhere would definitely give you more bang for your buck; None the less, still cool to see.

After our quick stop we were on to the LBW KrabiLife Homestay! Immediately upon arrival we were given this warm cozy vibe of the typical "home away from home" sensation. Our rooms were very cool little unique igloo like structures! There was a ton of activities to do like swim in the pool, lounge in the hammocks, or play one of the many drinking games. Almost every night was spent till early morning hours, playing drinking jenga, sociables, or some other form of a drinking game. There is a wonderful man named Rong, and his family that run the homestay. They really did make us feel at home with all the jokes and hospitality that they constantly gave us. The food was incredibly good, and we never left without a full stomach. He even catered to many people who didn't eat certain foods! While here we also got the opportunity to get to see some really cool sites. On our first day we headed out to bathe in the natural hot springs. There were a ton of deep pools and even naturally created rock chairs along where the water cascaded. These were so cool to see and definitely beat the ones we got back home. The following day was started with Rong giving us a tour of the rubber tree process, and how rubber was made here in Thailand! I had honestly never known how such an abundantly used product was created; and, how simply! Ending our tour of the day, we hiked about 15 minutes to a beautiful waterfall that we all entered and took pictures in.

Overall I was extremely happy with our time in Rong and his families homestay. With no wifi, it gave us all some really good time to relax and connect with one another on a deeper level. If I ever came back to Thailand I would definitely come back to enjoy the relaxing vibes and experience of the homestay. We are on our way to the northern city of Kanchanburi to get a different grasp of Thailand's cultural and historic past.

Shoutout to my roomie Joel for being a team player and always trying to help a friend out. #loveyabuddy

Thanks again as always for reading and hope to speak to you all again soon.


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