Adventures in Tamarindo

I write to you now as the only American on a tour of Costa Rica dominated by Canadians. The sounds of “how aboot that, eh?” echo throughout all hours of the day, and I slowly feel myself descending into insanity.... (I'm totally kidding by the way!)

Other than that the tour has been awesome and its only day 3! After arriving in Tamarindo and getting acquainted with the gang of Canucks at the hostel, we ate some of the best tacos I’ve ever had while sipping some local cocktails. Our wanker of a tour guide Mike White has been most hospitable, and excellent in showing us some of the best Tamarindo has to offer in terms of local cuisine and nightlife. 

After dinner, we stopped by the Crazy Monkey for a few drinks and to check out the venue - an awesome setup containing both live latino music and a DJ on an elevated open rooftop underneath a beautifully starlit sky. After drinks, we headed for bed to rest up a full day of activities at an adventure resort near Liberia.

The following morning we headed for Cañon de la Vieja and began the day with some zip lining fun followed by rock climbing - epic! Afterwards, the gang rode some horses to the whitewater rafting launch point, and I bonded with my noble steed Pipo as we trotted through some beautiful Costa country landscapes and forests. 

We dismounted, and piled into two person inflatable rafts (shaped like canoes) and paddled our way through some brilliantly fun rapids. Midway through, we took a break to try out a most excellent rope swing and some cliff jumping. Following the rafts, we ate a solid buffet lunch overlooking the river canyon, and finished the adventure tour with a sauna - mud bath - river wash combo. Action packed!

After returning to Tamarindo, we ate a quick dinner and some of us danced the night away at the Aqua Lounge until the wee hours.

Day 2 started with surfing lessons - muy divertido! (what fun!). The 2nd half of the day we spent on an epic catamaran tour. A lot of our team took advantage of the open bar and delicious buffet, and we were feeling right after snorkelling and sailing alongside a pacific ocean sunset. 

Tamarindo has been good to us and we are eager to see what awaits us as we head to Santa Teresa! Hasta luego!


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