Adventures in Chang Mai

We rode another overnight train to Chang Mai and the experience was much better than last time. I had a bottom bunk, and it was much more pleasant and cozy; Leanna and I had a pow wow and ate snacks and had some girl talk. We were also joined by our tour guides for some bonding with them.

After the scooter adventure, where we unfortunately crashed, we had a group dinner at this really yummy Mexican restaurant and my day was made when one of the guys on the tour bought me a rose! It was so sweet, he came in the room and brought one to me. and I gave him a kiss on the cheek because I was so happy. Too bad he also bought one for every other girl (damn!) oh well it was still awesome! I sat with him and our tour guides and I spent the meal talking with them and eating my first ever chimichanga which was fabulous! That night we went out to a bar called Havanas where I had the worst mojito in my life; it was much too sour and why it was brown and not clear I can't tell you but I do wish I knew. Next we went to a different bar called Zoe's that had sick music and an awesome dance floor. There were lights, and fog and everyone was dancing together (did I mention I love dancing?) I was enjoying it so much.

Today I went to the mall with some friends and we saw yet another movie! I can't get enough of them. We came home and soon after left to go to the night market which was pretty cool. I bought myself a shirt, a bracelet (I've decided to get one in every country I visit on this trip) and some elephant pants. Just to clarify, these are the pants that are everywhere in Thailand and everyone who visits Thailand buys them and wears them. No idea how this started but I'm sure it actually has nothing to do with Thai heritage or culture, or elephants at all. 

Yesterday we went on my favourite hike by far into the jungle and up to a waterfall, we even had a guide lead us up there. After this we got to try bamboo rafting which isn't quite as fun as white water but it was still a cool experience to ride a raft made out of bamboo down a river. We stopped and were fed lunch and I tried Pad Thai for the first time. Yes I realize I've been here for over five weeks and this seems crazy but I was busy eating other things. Once again lots of things happening in short amounts of time, it's honestly getting hard to remember it all. 


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