A Day Off in Phuket

Sometimes when you're travelling, you'll get burnt out. It happens to everyone, the late nights, long travel days and the sometimes not too great diet will catch up to you and you'll need some me time. This was me the other day. 

We had arrived in Phuket which is a big island and on the first full day we had the option of going for a tour around the island for 500 baht or going to the beach; I, for one, didn't wanna do either of those things and I have been very money-conscious lately. Most people on the tour are going right home afterwards; however, I am traveling for a grand total of 6 months and so to blow all my money now would be stupid. I had gone to the movies the day before with a bunch of people and loved it and so I thought - let's do that again! Going to the movies is one of my favourite things to do and I absolutely love them; I pick up on things other people don't, like the music and the look one character gives to another - even the script. So after a delightful French toast breakfast at the hostel we were staying at, I ventured off to the movies alone. Note: I'm 25 years old. I'm a big girl and can go to the movies alone without feeling like a loner or questioning whether or not people like me. I'm also the oldest one on the tour, apart from the guides, and as I said I wanted some "me time." 

The hostel was about a two minute walk away from a really big mall where the theatre was so I walked there, bought my ticket, and even found a grocery store to buy snacks from so I could save some more money (hehe I was so proud of myself). The theatres in Thailand are amazing, this was actually the third movie I've seen here in Thailand. The first time I went, we paid a bit more money and got into the VIP theatre. This bought us a lush red velvet recliner all to ourselves! It even had a blanket! Plus we got a free drink that came in a martini glass, very snazzy. The theatre was also covered in red velvet curtains and they play a ton of previews/commercials. There is also a tribute to the King and you must stand while they play his anthem. I ended up seeing the new James Bond movie by myself, it was very good and I really enjoyed it.

I went home afterwards and met up with Leanna (my sister and travel companion) who was relaxing after getting home from the excursion. We hung out for a bit alone before joining the group for dinner. I was feeling much better after my me time, and after dinner many of us went to the mall to find dessert. Once again, money conscious me chose a DQ blizzard that was less than 100 baht when I SHOULD have gone to this amazing sundae place that I don't have back home, and spent more money. Ah well, mine was still good. There was talk amongst the group of going to see a movie that night which I was all for, but it was cancelled at the last minute. I'm not good with this, it's definitely a pet peeve of mine. I'll get my hopes up for something and then it will be cancelled/changed/moved/whatever right before it's supposed to happen. So now I was bummed out. Another reason I had gone to the movies alone was because I wanted to get away from some of the partying. Don't get me wrong, I love my tour mates, but getting drunk almost every night is not my idea of fun and again because I'm a bit older, I'm past that bar star phase of my life. Once the movie was cancelled I knew I would either have to go out that night or stay home alone. I decided to force myself to be social and well this failed miserably. I lasted maybe ten minutes, had my feelings hurt by a silly comment someone said, and ended up home alone in tears. I'm not going to tell you what or who upset me, just know that they didn't do anything wrong I am just overly sensitive to the topic they were discussing and I think I was a bit homesick. I texted my mom who did her best to cheer me up and I ran out and got myself some chocolate milk. I then did stay home alone the rest of the night watching "The Mindy Project" on my iPad which is exactly what I should have done in the first place. My sister came home and we talked and I felt a lot better before going to sleep. 

The point of this post is to show you that travelling is hard and you will need a break from it at times. Everyone reacts differently to it and is travelling for different reasons. For example I am travelling to learn and explore, meet new people, find out what the proper career choice is, and to get away from some things back home. Other people may only have two weeks away from their crazy stressful jobs and so they feel they have to go wild the entire trip. We had one of these with us for a short while and she kept saying things like "you should stay out later" which drove me a little crazy. My journey is different than hers, and if that means she goes out until 2 am every night while I am in bed by 10:30 with some snacks then that's fine! In fact, it's better than fine cause it's what makes us both happy. 

Leanna and I experienced this a bit in Europe too. There were some days when all we wanted to do was eat snacks in our hostel room and watch movies. Please know this is perfectly fine and doesn't make you a bad traveller it's what makes you human. I was actually really excited today cause we're in Krabi now and last night I didn't have a single alcoholic beverage and I stayed up talking with my tour mates and sharing stories which is much more enjoyable to me. We are staying at a lovely little home stay run by one of our tour guides. There is no wifi and we are the only guests here so everyone is a bit more in tuned to each other. It's a nice refreshing change after some pretty wild partying. 


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