Well tip one I learnt upon arriving in Bali, is that the ATM are a lil reversed compared to Canada! Take your money first, then your credit card! Learnt that the hard-ish way (currency exchange had it). The views and the architecture alone had captivated me right out of the airport. I felt the humidity on every part of my body, and yet it still had not clicked that my year of waiting was here. 

Day 1.

Getting to the hotel was quite rushed as we had baby turtles to see at the beach (obviously for baby turtles, time is not an issue). We went to see them before they were released, and then we proceeded to the beach. There was myself and 3 other Canadians joining the rest of the group, who had already been relaxing on the beach. We had introductions, and instantly started building connections. A fellow LBW alumni from Thailand was also on the Bali trip with me coincidently, which was great to see, as we had been friends since Thailand. 

The turtle release was amazing to see. The tide was daft out, and the sun was already beginning to set, emitting a dark orange aura which reflected of the water. Slowly tourists and other individuals walked down the beach each carrying an individual baby turtle. The announcer begin to describe the series of events that these turtles go through, and the egg Latin process. Event helpers blew whistles getting us eager individuals to remain outside of the desired path. 

Soon enough it was time to let these cuties go! The speaker begin to count down in the microphone, and within a few seconds, off the turtles went. It is amazing that instantly they know where they are called. This was no quick route, the tide was far out at this point, and those babies, were walking out like they were being pulled by a never ending string, with only one path to choose. Naturally I watched, sipped my first Bintang, and took a bunch of touristy pictures. It was a beautiful site, that I highly recommend experiencing. 

The evening proceeded with relaxing, and prepping for dinner. Dinner was at a tiny little place close by the hotel, I had the mac and cheese, which was quite good. 

Following dinner, we enjoyed some drinks at the Kuba Hotel, which quickly lead to our first night out at the Sky Garden Night club. Which let me be the first to say, get's rowdy quite fast (those long islands are not to be messed with lmao). Music was fun, and the higher we went up the more people there were, and the more intense the music got. I may or may not have made out with a few ransoms, I blame the Long Islands. There was a performance going on at the club that night as well, and I felt like I was a groupie. The camera was capturing me and my fellow tour group, as we danced and embraced all that we could. It was a great night out! 

Day 2.

 I got up at around 6 am, as my body is naturally in work mode still. I tried to sleep, to no demise. I proceeded by getting up, and showering, and eventually my roommate decided to join me for the free breakfast at the hotel. The breakfast was small, but I quickly fell in love with the "Jaffles". Which will have to subdue my longing for Thailand's toasties. After breakfast, my roommate returned to sleep, and I ventured out for some solo time. I went out for about a 2 hour walk, through the shops, in an attempt to get to the beach, but also find my way back to my hotel lol. 

The walk was long, and fun, with lots to see. From all around me I heard whistles, and the sound of shop owners trying to lure me to buy. Many asked my age, where I am from, some just wanted to talk, or take pictures. My Canadian side felt the need to reply to every person, which I quickly learnt is quite draining, as you pass so many people. I proceeded to the beach, after waiting for other individuals to cross before I did. I strolled the beach, as I continued to get approached for shopping, or surf lessons. When in Bali haha. I strolled the beach for a solid 40 min, just admiring all the stimulation is sent to my senses. The smell of salt, and food in the ear; the noise of fellow passerbys, and children; the view of surfers out enjoying the intense waves that the early morning brought, and the light sky which reflected off the blues of the ocean. I was in Bali, and it had finally clicked. 

Upon returning to the hotel, we got ready for the surf lessons that were scheduled for that afternoon. They warned to wear shorts and a shirt to avoid getting board rashes. We got to the beach, grabbed some Bintang, and eventually ate some beach noodles (which I added chilli too, hot!). The instructors showed us some technique while on the land. Then which my short little body, I moved my long board to the waves. The instructors help us understand the flow of the waves, and how to move the surfboard through the water. It was great to have individual help! I quickly picked it up, and I believe stayed out longer then most. As this had now gained my competitive and athletic interest. I also quickly regretted not buying Lululemon paddle times pants and long sleeve, as the rashes I obtained where on my knees and elbows ( obviously a reason to buy more lululemon is alright as well lol). We took multiple photos with our boards before proceeding to do some sunbathing.

After our surf day, many went back and napped at the hotel. While I was uploading photos I heard the sound a guitar strumming, and voices echoing soft words. I walked around the corner from my room to see my tour guide spicy and a fellow traveller making some music by the pool. As you may have read in my into blog, I enjoy singing quite a bit, so I took this opportunity to have some fun, sing, and screw up some lyrics ( which is my specialty). 

After dinner, I think I had one of my favourite nights. It started with getting a massage and a body scrub done. I most likely fell asleep a few times, it was beautiful. Post massage I joined many of my co-travellers for drinks! As a few of us travellers where not into going out to a club, we decided to continue to drink at the kubu hotel. We talked, and we drank, which naturally ended up with us walking to mcdonalds with Spicy. We oohed and awed at the menu, as we had to make some very serious decisions, and upon receiving out meals, we joined the beach goers. The life on the beach at 11 pm was still quite intense. Couples, families, friends, and travellers all gathered around to watch the high tide rush against the surface of the sand. While we couldn't see each other very, we could definitely see the glow of the moon across the ocean. Luckily the moon produced enough light to that we could fine our mcdonalds. On the beach we talked about many of our lives. Our partners, our relationships, post relationships, school, just real conversation, with real people. We eventually walked back and tried to play games that never quite worked out. As we arrived back home at around 1230am, we all proceeded to our bedrooms and well, passed out. 

Day 3.

was water sport day! I woke up early as usual, like 630 am, and facetimed friends and family by the pool. Once that was complete, I joined a fellow traveller for free breakfast, aka JAFFLES! Post breakfast we proceeded to walk to the bus, and grab some snacks for the ride. At the the water sport park, it was a hard bargain for prices, but we got them down! I ended up joining the crew for paired parasailing, and "fly fishing". Both experiences were very cool, only wish would be more time! But super cool! We all laid on the beach our team finished up before proceeding to the bus.

The bus drove us to this beautiful beach lined with shops, food, and chairs to rent on the beach. We ordered food, had some Bintang, and relaxed. Spicy brought his guitar again, so while we waited for food, I had the pleasure of producing some beach music! Super fun! 

The ramen noodles dishes are quite good here, so for lunch I had the seafood ramen dish. The proceeded to move into the water. Eventually some of the crew came into the water with me, while others sunbathed. We hung out here for quite a few hours, and then left for the temple.

At the temple we walked around the most beautiful scenery. Temples high up on the cliff, and blossoms surrounding you, providing the sweetest scents. We continued to take pictures as the sunset came upon us. With the waves crashing against the walls so far below us, there was a certain calm aura amongst the business of the temple. I want to warn that the monkeys really like lululemon. While I took selfies, one stole my hat. Luckily a man with food was able to coax the monkey to give it back hahha! We walked around the rest of the temple and then walked to where the show would be put on. 


In the outdoor auditorium we continued to watch the sunset. The most beautiful colours scattered across the sky, as we sat at the top of the bowl. The performance was a series of dancing, and chants,combined with some interactive pieces, which brought humour to the performance. Very beautiful, and highly recommend seeing a cultural piece like that at least once in your life.


After the show we headed to the market for dinner. The long drive back had almost all of us napping. But the stop was worth it. Well first we stopped at a convenience store because we were starving, then we proceeded to the hour and so drive to the market. The market presented multiple options, I ended up with some ducky dimsum. Soooo great! 

As this was a hella long day, I believe 98% of us went to bed. Well we packed first, as we were to leave very early. I did stay up late in the end to chat with some individuals by the pool while I caught up on my social media. I ended up being up till about 1am again. But communication is priceless in my opinion. 

Well besides the taking off part, that sums up KUTA! 

Ciao for now,


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