From morning swims in the Pacific to afternoon surf sessions on the rolling waves, working days for the digital nomad in Nicaragua are pure bliss. Check it out…

8am – Morning run along the beach

You’re up early, just as the Nicaraguan sun begins to peak through the window and into your private room at nomad.life. It's straight to the beach for you, which sits a short walk through the coconut palms, just down the road. You've got yourself a great routine to kick-start those working days: 20 mins of running along the sparkling yellow sands that line the pretty beachfront of San Juan del Sur. As you jog past the rolling waves of the Pacific you wave hello to the local fishermen you always seeloading their salt-washed skiffs into the water. Then you cool down with a paddle in the shore before heading back to the house.

8.30am – Yoga sesh

As soon as you get there, it's a quick change and onto the grassy lawn. With panoramic views over the Pacific Ocean and the beach you've just been running on, you find some inner peace with a yoga session. You've been learning how to nail those downward dogs and meditation poses from another digital nomad who's staying in the coworking space. You're improving every day and this 30 minutes of stretches each morning is becoming one of your favourite parts of the day.  

9am – Fresh breakfast

Once you're done with the yoga and had a quick dive in the pool to cool off, you hit the breakfast table. You have your usual: a medley of fresh papaya and mango, avocado and pineapple. It’s just as juicy and tasty as it always is, and you wash it down with a duo of fresh orange and coffee, recently picked from the local plantations, of course.

9.30am – Work sesh 1

It's time to get to work. You retire to a quiet corner of the coworking space and plug in. The uber-fast fibre internet is perfect for that image editing you're doing, and you're soon smashing your way through deadlines. Every now and then you look up and out the window to where the wide beachfront is glistening in the distance. It's the perfect place to find your working zen and you type away as you dream about your evening swim (more on that later though).

11am – Drink break on the patio

Mid-morning means time for a hard-earned break. You head outside to where a group of other digital nomads are having their own fruit cocktail on the lawn. The tropical sun is beating down and there's a couple of guys cooling off in the pool. You opt for a chin wag and a fresh mango lassi in the shade of the garden palms.

11.20am – Work sesh 2

You choose to do your next working session outside – that warm midday sun and the fresh salty breezes off the Pacific are simply too good to miss! So, you go for the swinging hammock in the corner of nomad.life's garden. You sprawl out and start typing away, making use of the top-quality WiFi that spreads all over the house. It's a productive session and you begin to get hungry. Now it's time for….

12.30pm – Local lunch

…Lunch! A couple of other workers from the house have planned to head to their favourite local restaurant. It's just a short walk down the hill and close to the San Juan del Sur beachfront, hidden between two lanky coconut palms. You join them in the bamboo-built joint and order up a tasty Valencian vegetable rice and some re-fried beans. The flavours are simple and earthy; and the meal only costs you a couple of córdoba (which is really cheap!).

1.30pm - Work sesh 3

For your third work session of the day, you decide to linger around the centre of San Juan del Sur. The bars are filling up with backpackers but you still manage to find a quiet corner in one of the local seafood cafes. You order another mango smoothie and you're typing away again. Now the waves are rolling against the sand just a couple of meters from your desk. The lively atmosphere helps you smash out those deadlines and you're really enjoying nailing that project you've got on the go. The work session flies by and before you know it you've done a whole two hours at the computer.

3.30pm – Afternoon surf

You stroll back to the house, quickly drop off the laptop and grab your surfboard. Then, you hitch a ride out to the hidden cove of Playa Maderas, which sits just a short drive to the north of the town. This is where some of the top surf spots in Nica crash against the shore. The waves are perfect right now and you catch a whole load of frothy left-to-righters as the afternoon turns to evening. You celebrate with a cold cerveza in one of the local beach bars. Then, you rumble in the back of a 4X4  to the house.

5pm – Pool time

Post-surf and post-work means one thing: pool time. All the other digital nomads currently residing in nomad.life are already there. Some are sipping cocktails at the swim-up bar. Others are just watching as the sun sets across the bay down below. You join a crowd lazing in the shallow end with another cold beer. It's not your turn to cook tonight, which means it's someone else setting the barbecue going over on the patio.


6pm – Communal meal

As the night sets in and the moon comes out over San Jan del Sur, you find yourself munching away on marinated meat skewers fresh from the barbecue. Every night in the co-working villa involves long communal meals on the patio. You chat about everything from work projects to the best waves you caught today. You plan another yoga session for the morning and retire to bed without checking the time – ready for another day of living and working in beautiful Nicaragua.

Are you tempted by the nomad life? Does this sound like the sort of working day you'd like to have? Be sure to check out all the info we've got on our co-working space in Nicaragua

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