A Backpackers Guide To La Fortuna, Costa Rica

A Backpackers Guide To La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna is a stop often skipped by tourists opting to forgo the unpredictable weather. We say bring it on! La Fortuna is jam packed with amazing activities, views, and laughs! We aren’t sure if it was the swim under a giant waterfall, the magic river, or the rapid rafting but we can’t get enough of La Fortuna, Costa Rica!

The Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano can be seen from all points in La Fortuna. It looms 5000 feet above the city, and was Costa Rica’s most active volcano until 2010. You can hike the volcano in about four hours, or take the more extreme mountain biking tour! Be prepared to see lava, monkeys, sloths, and some lush jungle!


Hot Springs

The hot springs in La Fortuna is our favourite spot on this list! Take a taxi, skip the resort, and opt for the free hot spring alternative! A taxi will drop you off to a trail you can take through a beautifully graffitied underground tunnel, only to expose a number of pools you can sit and steam in right in the middle of the jungle! ! Bring beer, lights, a camera, and enjoy the volcano heated springs the way the locals do!

La Fortuna, CR - La Fortuna Waterfall - Rafting - Hot Spring-10.jpg

La Fortuna Waterfall

The La Fortuna is one of the biggest waterfalls in Costa Rica. It’s one of the only waterfalls you can swim right up to! Although the amount of water falling makes it impossible to get right under the waterfall (not that you’d want to!) it’s the perfect place for a refreshing swim and testing your strength! Helpful Hint: The amount of water moving around in the lagoon makes it hard to balance, give your friend a push for some good laughs!

La Fortuna, CR - La Fortuna Waterfall - Rafting - Hot Spring-4.jpg

White Water Rafting

For those new to white water rafting, Desafio does an excellent introduction tour. The water is the right temperature, the boats the right size, and the guides are the best kinds of people! For those who have rafted more advanced waves, this day is a great way to let loose and have some fun in the rapids! This tour includes lunch, big smiles, and some excellent pineapple slices along the way!

La Fortuna, CR - La Fortuna Waterfall - Rafting - Hot Spring-21.jpg

Rio Celeste

The Rio celeste is a short bus ride away from La Fortuna, and completely worth the trek! The hike through the Costa Rican jungle is a bit messy and muddy, but the colour of the river makes it all worth it. The mixing of two different rivers actually creates an optical illusion for your eye, which means this river is literally magic! Make a wish! 

Rio Celeste, CR - Blue River-2.jpg

Our adventures across Costa Rica are vast, and La Fortuna has a little something for everyone. You can find La Fortuna on LBW’s Rockin Rica tour, travelling is always more fun with 15-25 of your closest friends anyway!

Did we miss anything on this list? Comment below, let us know!


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