8 Ways to Convince Your Pal to Travel With You

8 Ways to Convince Your Pal to Travel With You

So, you've decided to travel the world? Excellent. We salute you. Now it's just about getting that would-be travel pal convinced that it's totally the best course of action for the upcoming summer/season/winter/year/lifetime, too. You might have to pull out some stops to get them to commit to hitting the road, but with these top tips we don't think it should be too hard…

Send them postcards of everywhere you go

There's nothing like a classic postcard through the letterbox to get those twinges of jealousy going. So, if you've got your target on a travel pal back at home, be sure to update them on all your worldly peregrinations as often as possible. These can be as tantalizingly terse as you like. A gushing photo of the Iguazu Falls should do it, or perhaps a snapshot of the mist-topped peaks of the Indonesian Isle of the Gods. On the back, you don't really need to write anything more than "wish you were here" to get the desired effect, but longer descriptions of just how awesome your days are also can't hurt. (Oh, and the address – of course.)

Make them jealous online

No matter if it’s a cheeky selfie with a smiling Balinese monkey, a bout of Facebook albums showing you having a blast on your own private yacht, an inspirational vid of you meditating in Thai temples, a simple airport check-in on route to Nicaragua, or a well-earned summit shot of you atop the volcanos of Costa Rica, keeping some form of a digital record of all your global travels is a sure way to make your mates back at home jealous. There's two real outcomes: Either you'll return to an adoring crowd of budding backpackers who simply can't wait to hit the road with you, or you'll have been so effective you'll need to look for a new bunch of mates. Sorry if it's the latter.

Show them your commitment

If the plan is to head off traveling for the first time with someone you know, then it's always a good idea to show just how dedicated you are to the idea. That could mean anything from organizing meet ups to plan routes (more on that one later), or simply reigning in the partying so that your would-be globetrotting pal knows where your priorities lay. Other ways of showing just how set on the idea of going you are include never shutting up about destinations you want to visit, always turning the convo so it's about travel, and constantly mentioning how much better life could be with a dose of Pervian ceviche or Southeast Asian sun.

Cook them a meal

Not only is cooking someone a meal a darn nice way to get them on your side, but it can also be a sure bet when it comes to convincing someone to travel with you. Aim for something that is sure to tingle the taste buds and get the culinary curiosity flowing. A chili-packed Indonesian gado gado or a peanut-scented pad Thai are all good bets, while South American empanadas, Spanish tapas, Greek salads, Croatian dumplings, bubbling, cumin-packed Indian curries, Chinese stir fries and all those other global cuisines are also a good idea. Just be sure to remind them you could be eating the real deal just as you dig in.

Get a good plan together

Nothing says "we're totally doing this" like a proper travel plan. That means it's important to string together a good, actionable itinerary for your trip, or at least a set of destinations you both want to visit. Do that long before you depart to ensure your would-be roadie knows all the ins and outs and can have their own input into the jaunt. Also, be sure to set aside time specifically for travel planning sessions. Doing that will not only mean some top bonding time, but also make things seem all the more real.

Go with a planned tour group

At LBW we constantly see already made travel duos joining our planned tour groups. While many have been set on the idea of exploring the globe together for a while, others are more unexpected matchups between mates. It's possible that by opting to head across to Thailand or Bali with a pre-made group of folk you don't know, someone you really wanted to travel with will be all the more tempted to join. After all, they wouldn't want to be ousted from the top mate spot while your off galivanting on the Gili Isles, would they now?

Book and watch them follow

There's perhaps no better way to get a would-be travel buddy seriously thinking about joining you on a once-in-a-lifetime tour than by going ahead and pressing that book button. Whether it's a planned group tour with LBW on the waves of the Adriatic Sea, a 6-month odyssey through all the wonders of Asia, or a full-on gap year which sees you hopping all over the globe, having something set in stone and a departure date on the calendar could prove just the push your pal needs. And hey, if it ain't, you're still going, right?

Do a tester trip

If you're still struggling to convince your chosen travel pal to pack up and go away with you, perhaps a short tester trip is in order. There's plenty you could do, from short holidays to the Caribbean to Spring Break weeks in the Mexican sun to two-week cruises through the Mediterranean Sea, all of which promise to be downright fun in their own right. The best part about this one is that even if things still don't work out then at least you've had a holiday of some sort, eh?!

Have you succeeded in convincing a travel pal to head off with you? Can you think of any more ways would-be travellers with LBW could achieve it? We'd love to hear your input in the comments below. Or, if you think it's time you checked out all the awesome trips we've got on offer (perhaps to book something a la tip 7), be sure to head over to our tours page.


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