8 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You Happy

8 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You Happy

From learning to enjoy the simple things to sharing beers with new mates, there are loads of reasons why the whole LBW family finds traveling makes us happier. Join us and a bunch of travel pals on one of our tours this year to discover them for yourself…

You learn to enjoy the simple things in life

A cold Bintang on a Balinese beach. A sizzling plate of pad Thai noodles. A friendly hello from a Tico local. A swinging macaque or a slow-moving three-toed sloth. A glowing Vietnamese sunset. A rumbling rickshaw with a whole Indian family on board. Yep, these are the simple things that will help you crack a smile while you're on the road. Without the complicated, high-stress schedule of the nine-to-five to deal with, and all the mod cons of home in the past, you'll be free to people watch and sunset view and chill. You'll soon find your focus shifts and you start to realize there's true beauty in the mundane but wonderful ticking over of life all around you.   

It puts things in perspective

Whether it’s a walk through the ramshackle barrios on the outskirts of Rio, that time you spent helping the guys over in LBW Nicaragua build homes for the poverty-stricken locals, a volunteering session with the children of central Thailand, or any other bout of ethical travel, you can rest assured that hitting the road and exploring the globe will put your own life into perspective. As you encounter those less fortunate than yourself, or those with a hard hand dealt them, you'll gradually get a good idea of just how privileged you are to have education, family, a support network, food, the chance to travel – the list goes on! And that can only make you a better, happier person, right?

It reveals new horizons

Okay, so you could stay at home and have a comfortable time. You could catch your favorite TV shows on demand, stay abreast of politics, and be certain there's always a well-made bed waiting for you at the end of those long days in the office. Or, you could get out there into the big, wide world and encounter other peoples, creeds and cultures. You could break down your barriers and put yourself in sticky situations. You could party till sunup on Thai beaches, ride night buses through the Vietnamese jungles, go climbing volcanos, surfing the Pacific, learning Spanish in Colombia. There's loads to do out there, and we're certain at LBW Travel that there's only really one way to do it. (That's to travel, just in case you weren't sure!).

It makes you laugh

Photo by @mathewjhale

New friends, new places, new cultures, new peoples, and a new adventure every day always means one hefty barrel full of laughs. Just take our LBW tours. Ranging from the blue waters of the Croatian Adriatic to the misty volcanic mountains of Nicaragua, the beaches of Brazil to the long-lost cities of Peru, they are packed with jokes, joys and laughter from beginning to end. One day you'll be partying dressed as a penguin on the pebble sands of the Makarska Riviera, another you could be munching on uber-hot chili peppers in a Guatemalan cookhouse. Or, you could just be kicking back with a batch of brews, chin wagging the evening away with a whole new bunch of best mates.

It keeps you healthy

Perhaps you're a wave-seeking surfer with a penchant for the Balinese swells? Perhaps you're a trekker with their eye on the Gunung peaks of central Indonesia? Or is it the whitewater rafting opportunities of the Costa Rican wilds that have your interest piqued this year? Perhaps the sweaty cities of Vietnam? Well, whatever it is, you can rest assured that backpacking is no lazy business. Not only are there oodles of healthy things to get up to as you move around from place to place, but hauling that 55-liter pack across the longitude and latitude lines of the globe is no mean feat in itself. Trust us. We've been doing it for more than 10 years now!

There's comfort food everywhere

Back at home it might be a cheeky hit of fast food or a value pack of chocolate bars. But on the road, it's something totally different, and that's the real beauty of it. Yep, if you happen to be feeling low while traveling, then you can be certain that a hit of comfort food is only the next street stall or bistro away. Get your taste buds ready to devour crispy Romana pizzas in the shadow of the Colosseum. Don't miss the peanut-spitting, soy-doused noodle platters of Thailand. Never skip on your Tico plates of black beans and rice. There's all that and more in the pantry of the globetrotter. Nice.

It's unpredictable

Photo by pink_plankton

Okay, so this might not ring true for everyone, but for some there's nothing more fulfilling than a little spontaneity. Many of us in the LBW family started traveling precisely because we were just bored of doing the same darn thing every day. Now we have no idea what's going to happen after we wake. We could be meeting elephants in the Tenasserim Hills. We could be bathing in waterfalls or hot springs on the Turkish Riviera. We could be learning how to cook Thai curries along the Andaman coast. We could be getting ready for a beach party on our own private island on the Panamanian seas. Whatever it is, it's the not knowing as much as the activity itself that causes us to crack a smile.

It can make your friends jealous

Photo by @mathewjhale

Now we're not saying the jealousy of your mates back home should make you happy, but there's certainly something uplifting about knowing you're living the life everyone wants to, right? Yep, there's got to be some plus points to take from the fact that you're kicking back on white-sand beaches in Bocas del Toro while your old school friends are using hole punches and typing away on the laptop back in the office. Oh yea, and you can always milk this one by sending a healthy clutch of postcards, uploading plenty of selfies, or making sure you check in every time you hit the airport.

If you've got any more ideas about how traveling can make you a happier person, we'd love to hear about them in the comments below. Or, if you fancy raising your endorphin levels and cracking a smile on the road, why not come with LBW on one of our awesome trips this summer?

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