7 Things That Made IslandLife The Most Unique Experience Ever

7 Things That Made IslandLife The Most Unique Experience Ever


Imagine it: your own private island, the slosh of the pristine Caribbean Sea, the dreamy sight of swaying palms and billowing hammocks, endless sun and toothpaste-white sands. Seems too good to be true? Well it ain't! We've been dreaming of a trip like this one for years, where everybody lets loose and becomes one with nature. Now we've made it a reality. Hop aboard our IslandLife to become one of the LBW fam, and to experience one of the most unique travel itineraries ever created…


The seclusion

Why would anyone want to head off to an unknown island out in the Caribbean Sea when there are perfectly good beaches and coves all along the Panamanian coast? Well, we can think of a few reasons, and seclusion is right up there at the top! We're not talking about the odd other sun worshipper peppering the sands a stone's throw down the beach. We're not talking about only one or two other swimmers plunging in and out of the turquoise waters. We're not even talking empty coves. We're talking a place totally disconnected from the mainland, where WiFi signals and electricity are a thing of the past, and the powdery sands are there for just you and your new travel buddies. Sounds good, eh?

The company

Anyone who's shared the canvas and the sands with us will know just how much of a family we all become during the IslandLife. You might start with the usual introductions and the classic hostel dorm chat, but before long you'll be clinking drinks (out of eco-friendly reusable bottles), meditating together, doing fire dances, planning fancy dress costumes or chin wagging away between the ocean and the beach. There's really nowhere better to come and forge new friendships on the road. Away from the demands of the internet, you'll have plenty of time to share special moments with your new pals: technicolor sunsets over the Pacific; yoga sessions at sunup; parties at dusk. You'll be dreading the long goodbye…

The beauty

Believe it or not, our IslandLife trip has been years in the making. We've taken an age trying to discover the best island to host it on. We wanted somewhere that oozed tropical beauty and vibes. We wanted a place where silky sands glowed alabaster white; where the coconut palms stooped down to a lapping sea of translucent water; where the skies oscillated between Greek blue and twinkling stardust with the coming and going of the day. Between us, we've totally found it. Just please don't go spilling the beans!

The parties

It simply wouldn't be right to discover the handsomest, most pristine beaches in all of Panama and not celebrate the fact we'd done it, right? Damn right. That's why among so many other experiences, IslandLife includes multiple parties! You don't have to hit the booze but you can if you want to. Still, the tunes will be rolling from morning till night, drinks will flow, dances will be danced and a good time will be had by all. It's just another of the let-loose, relax and have fun things that makes this trip such a unique experience. Come on, how many travelers can say they've boogied through sunup on their own private tropical island?

The self-expression

We did acrobatics on coconut palms. We juggled and jigged and joshed in the water. We spun fire dances and meditated in soul circles (whatever that means!). We shared stories and memories and made new ones we'll never forget. We pulled downward dogs on the shoreline and brought along pirate costumes to channel our inner Blackbeard. We "'arred" and "shivered our timbers" on the Caribbean like the sailors of old, made fairy hats and tiaras and wild outfits you'd only expect to find in a dream. That's all down to the IslandLife philosophy, which welcomes all types of self-expression and artistic creativity from the moment you set foot those fabled shores.

The people

The IslandLife is made by the people who come on it. And just before you say this one's the same as company – we don't just mean the fun-loving attitude of the fellow traveler. We mean the skills and insights, the emotions and interactions each person brings to the table. It's why we've instituted a policy of gifting throughout the whole trip; asking each person to share a trade, a secret, a truth, a dance, a poem, a song, a meditation, a prayer, a speech, whatever it is they want to add to the big broiling, multicultural hotpot that is the human side of this journey.

The vibes

This whole thing started when we envisaged a perfect, utopian place. A place cut-off from the pressures of modern life, where the people are happy and the vibes are continually good. We think we're pretty darn close to getting all of those things spot on. Our IslandLife experience in 2017 was one mega lesson in how positive energy and positive thinking can make everything better. We laughed and sung. We swam and smiled. We face painted and concocted fantastic beach games. We danced to the sunset and rediscovered our inner animal. All that makes it unlike anything you've ever experienced before!

Are you a veteran of one of our awesome IslandLife trips? Can you think of any more things that made the whole experience totally unique? If so, be sure to make your voice heard in the comments below. Or, if you fancy being shipwrecked (not literally, of course) out in the Panamanian Caribbean with us, our good vibes and good company, we'd love to have you on board: LBW IslandLife.

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